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– This video is 4 minutes, 18 seconds in length with 6,086,249 views to date and uploaded by Talking Kitty Cat on September 1, 2012. In the video, Steve (Stevecash83) has a bit of a dilemma- his landlord is on the way over to perform a house check and he is not supposed to have any pets in his home. The problem? He has two cats, Gibson and Sylvester and one black lab dog, Shelby. The bigger problem? When Steve tells the pets they need to hide, Sylvester isn’t interested in playing that game. Sadly, Gibson died six days after Easter Sunday 2016 from kidney and bladder problems. On Easter Sunday 2016, Gibson became a father to 5 beautiful kittens.

Pet Interviews - Talking Bird, Dog, Cat - YouTube

It very much will help me. Enjoy! Enjoy. Kids games My Talking dog BEN vs My Talking cat Tom 2. Steve always joked around saying dogs couldn't talk, despite the fact his cats can, but one day that saying would...somewhat be put to rest. In the episode, "", Steve tries to discover who bit through a wire that connected to a TV speaker. Of course, Sylvester denies it, but there was no way to tell if Shelby did it, or even witnessed it, until Steve got an idea. Steve remembers Pixar's 2009 movie, "Up", and how the dogs in it all had translation collars that would speak whatever came to the dogs' heads. Drawing inspiration from the invention, Steve went to work, and eventually completed his very own translation collar titled the "K9 Neuron Energy To Audio Converter Collar". Using its wave-receptors, an 8-bit audio interface, and a mobile text-to-speech program, the collar helps Steve to understand what Shelby is thinking. When the collar is around her neck and turned on, we (the viewers watching) are able to get a better understanding of Shelby's personality. Shelby is a bit erratic with her thoughts as she'll sometimes repeat one word or phrase over and over, or she'll provide actual sentences telling you how she is, her response to a question, etc.

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