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Christmas is just around the corner and that means Cats wearing Christmas Sweaters! Okay so maybe only a few cats are actually wearing holiday sweaters, and to be honest, not many of them seem pleased with their owners decision to dress them up for Santa Claus.

A Girls Sweater With A Cat On It Size Is Large on ENVIE – Sell & Shop Kids Fashion. Please  for more details.

If you're the owner of a sphinx cat -- a special breed without fur -- you know that cats sometimes need extra warmth in winter months. There are manufactured sweaters available for cats, but they're less common than dog sweaters, so they're more expensive. You could try to find a dog sweater that fits, but custom fits are better. You can make your own cat sweater out of a tube sock or old sweater sleeve.

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Cat Eyeglasses Sweater by Louche - Mid-length, Blue, Orange, Brown, Tan / Cream, Black, Print with Animals, Long Sleeve, Casual Finally, we have the Festified Men’s Lighted Tangled Ugly Christmas Sweater Cat in Green. This sweater features a cat on the front wearing a Santa hat and tangled in a slew of Christmas lights with the words, “Meeeowwy Christmas”.

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From angry cats who look like they are about to get even with their owners, to fat cats that fall over on video because of their bulky Christmas sweaters, this collection proves that cats just want to be cats and not a living holiday ornament.

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If you choose to play dress up with your pet, especially a temperamental cat, move slowly. Don’t stress out your pet. If your cat is really resisting the sweater, then let her be. There are plenty of other opportunities to catch on film without upsetting your animal.Next time you have to join that ugly Christmas sweater contest you may have a good shot at winning with this awesome cat sweater. We actually think this swGrumpy Cat Christmas Sweater. For those who are crafty, there are instructions how to make this! I'd do it on a different color sweater though because her ear blends in with the black hereNoted cat-lover Hannah Simone (of ) shared the following pic , saying “Want to know the simplest way to get your cats to love you? Come attached with a ball of yarn.” Indeed, the cat-themed knit sweater comes with its ball of yarn still attached, so the wearer becomes a walking, talking perma-cat toy.