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When looking for pet furniture, consider how it will fit in your decorating scheme. If purchasing a cat tree, also look for sturdy items that have solid bases to avoid problems with the tree tipping over. Some trees come with brackets to attach them to an adjacent wall or the ceiling. Ideally, your cat furniture will offer multiple forms of enjoyment for your cat through climbing, scratching, and sleeping surfaces. Some include built in toys.

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The Best Cat Tree for Large Cats
Due to the size of the large cat, there are certain cat trees that work better for your pet. Avoid getting the cat trees with the small flat perches. You want the cat to feel comfortable on those ledges, and worrying about their legs or hindquarters hanging off the back of their perch will be most uncomfortable for them. Look for cat trees that have large “U” shaped perches so the cat can feel cradled inside the ledge. Most larger cats like to back up against certain things while they are resting because it allows them to feel more secure high up. Be sure to choose cat trees for large cats that are high enough, sturdy enough, and offer several unique places for them to call home. The tree must be able to withstand the weight of a larger cat leaping off the perch to the ground.

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♥ Cool Cat Trees ♥ Go Pet Club Cat Tree Reviews. Sturdy, inexpensive cat furniture shipped right to your door. Most with FREE SHIPPING! Cat trees are usually made of wood, which makes them sturdy and durable, and they are often covered in carpet or faux fur, which makes them warm and comfortable for cats. A cat tree provides your pet with the perfect home within a home and a place they can be on their own when they want to be.

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The Step Stool Sleeper is the most popular of the Molly and Friends cat trees. These are solid, stury trees, fully assembled. They are perfect for big active cats!

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I just discovered your trees in a new pet store near me. They Are Awesome! Big and very sturdy. Since my cats have managed to destroy TWO trees in the past 3 months, three of your trees are on my wish list! Thanks for building a pet product with muscle!A cat tree may be fully assembled or modular (requires assembly on arrival). A modular cat tree is easy to assemble, and homeowners can move it from one place to another. However, the best cat tree reviews show that consumers prefer assembled cat trees to modular cat trees as they are steadier than counterparts. Though pricey, assembled cat trees are sturdy and are made of high-quality material. Additionally, they have solid wood frames and weigh more than modular cat trees.The TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree proves that bargain-priced cat trees can still deliver satisfaction for both cats and owners. While it doesn't feature climbing platforms or a kitty condo, it does provide two sisal-covered scratching posts, a plush, fabric-covered cat hammock, and an attached dangling toy. It's the simplest design on our cat tree shortlist, but it receives a consistent stream of high ratings from owners nonetheless. We are especially impressed by how sturdy and easy to assemble the hammock is. The customer has only to install two screws to attach the hammock to the base. The most common concern expressed by owners is the quality and durability of the support columns and base, which are made of a cork board material.All cats are wonderful, but they are not all built alike. Larger cats need longer poles to stretch on and sturdier cat trees to accommodate their large bodies. Kittens need smaller cat trees that will also withstand their rough play. All of our trees are created with all stages of your cat’s lives in mind. Of course, there are cats with mobility issues that need the help of steps and ramps which we can incorporate in to a custom tree or build separately.