Why Are There Struvite Crystals In My Dog Or Cat's Urine?

I’ve always heard about how mineral profile is so important with crystal formation, but for dogs and cats, unless you go into reading research papers, there isn’t much info out there about specifics. If you are reading about standard care for goats or sheep, you can’t help but learn that struvite crystals form when the calcium/phosphorus ratio is off from feeding high grain diets(would be the same when feeding meat without adequate bone, I suspect). In sheep and goats, they recommend keeping the C:P to at least 2:1. I wonder why it’s so much easier to get these kinds of preventive recommendations for large animals than for small.

Most often, dry commercial cat foods contributes to the development of struvite crystals.

Unfortunately, in trying to ‘fix’ a cat’s unnatural alkaline urinary pH – caused by human greed in the first place – pet food manufacturers created even more problems by adding urinary acidifiers in the form of dl methionine, etc., which led to the formation of calcium oxalate (CaO) crystals/stones in many cats. Suddenly, there were far more patients suffering with CaO crystals/stones than there were patients with struvite crystals/stones.

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Urinary acidifier, for treatment and prevention of struvite crystals of cats and dogs. Because of the lack of moisture in kibble, cats get dehydrated, the urine becomes too concentrated, and plant-based ingredients in dry food causes the urine to become too alkaline. The combination of alkalinic and concentrated urine makes cats prone to forming struvites. To eliminate struvite crystals, the goal is to create a more acidic and diluted urine.

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The cause of struvite crystals in cats is most often the result of eating dry cat food. Due to the lack of moisture in the diet, the urine becomes too concentrated and highly alkaline.

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