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Buddy Cat Reflective Full Stretch Cat Collars combine the best of all worlds. A durable stretch nylon embedded with reflective flecks for kitty’s safety and a breakaway buckle. And don’t forget the matching bell!

They fit neck sizes 8-12 inches and come in a choice of 5 bold colors – Black, Purple, Green, Blue, and Red.

Elastic cat collars are made entirely from stretchy material (like a headband)

Our Petco Leather Adjustable Fancy Bling Stretch Cat Collar is designed with your cat's safety in mind. Featuring elasticity to stretch over your cat's head. If collar gets caught, collar will stretch allowing your cat to slip free easily. In addition, we've also included a coordinating removable bell to help locate your pet and protect the local bird population. Boasting fun, sparkly bling to add personality.

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• Safe, elastic breakaway cat collars. Fully elastic fabric has at least 2" of stretch! All cats should leave the shelter with a collar and tag. Consider a stretchy or breakaway collar that allows the cat to wiggle free in the case of a snag. Your adoption counselor will provide you with a tag.

Buddy Cat Full Stretch Safety Cat Collars

These cute cat collars have great designs, fully adjustable, and stretchy & safe for your kitty! Most Beastie Bands come on a variety of background colors which currently include: red, black, royal blue, light blue, purple, pink and green. All designs may not be available on all colors at all times.

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Another option is the elastic safety collar. It has a regular buckle but a short length of elastic which stretches to allow the cat to escape. I haven’t tried this personally, however I feel that the breakaway collars are easier for the cat to release.Another important feature in the best cat collar for outdoor cats is a reflective band. This can help let traffic know when he’s crossing the street and help you find him in the dark. You can find collars with lights too (they’re mainly for dogs but ).The entire length of nylon weave is stretchy allowing cats to slip out of their collar if they become entangled. Each collar comes with a color matched bell that is removable if you prefer not to use a bell.
Routinely check the collar's fit, especially if you've selected anelastic collar for your cat. Over time, the elastic could stretch andloosen, which could leave your cat collarless and without hisidentification tags.