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: Staywell Manual 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap Door.

The Staywell Manual 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap Door, for your indoors cat.

The Staywell Manual 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap Door can be fitted to all wooden doors, P.V.C, U.P.V.C and metal doors, all Glass Doors and Windows, whether they be single glazed or double glazed.

The Staywell Manual 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap Door can also be fitted into any brick wall, as the unit comes with optional tunnel for thick doors and walls, additional tunnel extensions are available.

The Staywell Manual 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap Door has a unique 4 way locking system which keeps you in complete control. With this cat flap door you can either let the cat only go out, or only come in, or go out and come in. Alternatively you can keep the flap completely shut.

Now watch the installation instructions from the manufacturer.

The Petporte Microchip Cat Flap from Staywell is programmable to your cat microchip.

My 7 year old Tom cat "Mr Tiddles" can destroy brand new locked Staywell Cat Flap in just a few minutes he can manage it from both inside or out.

This is the forth Cat Flap Mr Tiddles has got the better of.

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How to install the Staywell® Magnetic 4-Way Locking Deluxe Cat Flap, by PetSafe® Brand. We’re cat door experts! Kitten Kaboodle has been selling cat doors in our online store since 1999! We’ve got a wide selection of some of the best cat doors made from manufacturers like Cat Mate, Ideal Pet Products, PetSafe, Staywell and CatWalk. No matter what type of cat door you’re looking for, we’re likely to have it! We’ve got many types of automatic cat doors including electromagnetic cat doors, electronic cat doors, magnetic cat doors and infrared cat doors. How about a convenient patio cat door, which slides easily into a sliding glass patio door. Or a window cat door, which quickly fits in a sash style window. We also have cat flaps with security lock panels, glass mount cat doors, insulated cat doors, wall mount cat doors, cat doors for screens, and more!

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Staywell brand pet doors were the largest selling brand of pet doors in the world prior to their acquisition by Petsafe. The Staywell company, originally from England, has dominated the cat flap and utility pet door market for many years at least as measured by unit sales. In the fall of 2005, Petsafe bought the Staywell brand and all lines of their pet doors. The models have not changed, though several have been discontinued, and Petsafe stands behind the Staywell products 100%. Some Staywell models have been renamed with the Petsafe trademark while others continue as 'Staywell' pet doors.

The Staywell 400 Series Magnetic/Manual locking cat flap

Bonici Staywell Cat Flap 4-Way Locking Safe cat Door Dog Supplies Gate * Want to know more, visit the site now : Cat Doors, Steps, Nets and PerchesStaywell Deluxe Infra-red Cat Flap. Battery operated Infra-red collar key and cat flap helps keep out unwanted cats. Your cat wears the Infra-red collar key which when in range of the cat flap, triggers it to 'unlock' allowing him safe entry to the home. Suitable for most materials and can ustilise tunnel extensions to fit any depth of wall. Available in white and suitable for cats up to 7kg.