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Unlike plastic boxes, which come in various sizes, the Bounce Stainless Steel Cat Litter Pan comes in one standard size. That's fine if you have plenty of room in your house, but I live in a smaller home with limited litter box-friendly spaces. Fortunately, I was able to fit the stainless steel box in my powder room, where I normally keep a plastic model.

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The Bounce Stainless Steel Cat Litter Pan comes in several different styles. Although you can get a plain stainless steel version, there are also boxes printed with different patterns. I personally wasn't fond of the decorated models and opted for the plain version, which goes with virtually any decor.

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Cat Litter Box Poop Scoop Endurance Stainless Steel Kitty Litter Boxes Scooper I remember a poster who's no longer around said she bought stainless steel banquet serving trays to use as litter boxes. I'm not ready to spend that kind of money at this point, but someday when I have extra money I may try one to see how the cats like it. In the long run, when you don't have to replace old scratched plastic boxes it might be worth it.

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To my delight, the Bounce Stainless Steel Cat Litter Pan was just as easy to clean as I'd suspected. I topped out the waste daily, then stripped the box completely each week, wiped it out with an odor control spray, dried it, and refilled it with litter. Blissfully, there was no residual odor, even after several months of use. It was large enough for all four of my cats, which is quite a feat since three of them weight over 20 pounds. They're very good about accepting new boxes and types of litter, so there were no adjustment problems.

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Cat Crapper 6000 - My husband & I needed to figure out a way to contain the litter boxes of our 6 (6!) kitties, as well as get rid of the odor they produce. We designed what we call "The Cat Crapper 6000." It has 6 stainless steel litter pans & a high-powered, low-decibel bathroom fan mounted in the back that vents out through the basement window. Oh yeah, & it's personalized with stickers for each kitty.Automatic litter boxes like the and SmartScoop alleviate some of the problem, but only if you have easy access to an electrical outlet. That's where the Bounce Stainless Steel Cat Litter Pan comes in.