Cat Litter Box Cabinet with Stainless Steel Towel Bar

Another alternative is huge stainless steel buffet serving trays as litter pans but they are ridiculously expensive. I have huge cats- 17 lbs. We use 6 inch deep storage boxes, 2 in 2 different bathrooms and clean them out several times a day and then about once every 6 weeks wash out the trays and leave them in the sunshine.

Endurance Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box Poop Scoop Kitty Litter Boxes Scooper

A multi-functional pet house - it can hide the unsightly litter box and the classic design with the stainless steel hardware makes it look really good in your home. Your cat will find a new place to rest or sleep and will certainly feel safe.

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Endurance Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box Poop Scoops Kitty Litter Scooper Waste #RSVP STYLISH LITTER BOXES
• Cat Litter Box is a stylish and minimal way to contain your cat's waste. It features a rectangular acrylic frame with an easy to remove stainless steel insert. £650

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Automatic litter boxes like the and SmartScoop alleviate some of the problem, but only if you have easy access to an electrical outlet. That's where the Bounce Stainless Steel Cat Litter Pan comes in.

Cat Litter Box Cabinet with Stainless Steel Towel Bar.

This is a great alternative litterbox that was not primarily designed to be a litterbox. It's actually an industrial stainless steel steam table pan. Yep, this "litter box" was made to prepare and serve food!

Stainless steel seems like a no-brainer material for a cat toilet. I mean, it's stainless! Metal boxes are easy to clean and won't retain odors. This box is very close in dimensions to a large standard litter pan you'd find at any pet store. The box measures 20.9" by 12.9" by 6.1". The pan has a small outer lip that is curled under at the edge, so it's safe for your cat to enter and exit. The strong box is also surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to work with and clean. Unlike plastic boxes, which come in various sizes, the Bounce Stainless Steel Cat Litter Pan comes in one standard size. That's fine if you have plenty of room in your house, but I live in a smaller home with limited litter box-friendly spaces. Fortunately, I was able to fit the stainless steel box in my powder room, where I normally keep a plastic model.Cat Crapper 6000 - My husband & I needed to figure out a way to contain the litter boxes of our 6 (6!) kitties, as well as get rid of the odor they produce. We designed what we call "The Cat Crapper 6000." It has 6 stainless steel litter pans & a high-powered, low-decibel bathroom fan mounted in the back that vents out through the basement window. Oh yeah, & it's personalized with stickers for each kitty.The Bounce Stainless Steel Cat Litter Pan comes in several different styles. Although you can get a plain stainless steel version, there are also boxes printed with different patterns. I personally wasn't fond of the decorated models and opted for the plain version, which goes with virtually any decor.