How do I get rid of cat spray in a room I can't find the sprayed area

If your cat has been peeing outside the litter box or spraying your furniture, you probably understand how frustrating and difficult it is to get rid of the cat urine smell from your house. It is mentally, physically and emotionally draining coming home and discovering new puddles of urine all over your house and furniture, especially in hard to reach places and having to clean it all up. It is enough to make any cat owner lose their mind.

6. How to get rid of cat urine smell: I use 1/3 of vinegar and 2/3 water as a way to stop the smell of cat pee using a sprayer

I came across this after typing fixing your carpet after a cat pees in Google. I wanted to share this with everyone. let me also say I have never posted anything on a blog, but I want to share my experience with everyone. So, when my Grandma passed, we inherited her cat. Because of her age, they would sometimes shut the door where the box was and the cat developed a bad habit of going in the corner, etc. When we got him, he was fine, until he got a UTI, which I took him to the vet and treated. Problem was after that, he continued peeing. I gave him to my mom and she keeps him a one room and he is fine there. But guess who has about 8 spots on my living room carpet? I have treated these with everything. Stanley Steemer, Nature's Miracle or the like, which only leaves it masked with a mix of urine/enzyme and makes your carpet sticky, vinegar (OMG, don't do that, your house smells like a pickle for DAYS! and you still smell urine after when putting your nose to it). Let me explain. My carpet is a really nice quality and the rooms all connect, so I really can't get rid of it. They changed the formulation on my fibers and even if I did, it won't match the rest. With that said, if you came into my house, you wouldn't smell cat pee, but I can and it drives me insane. Not to mention it being unsanitary. so my Mom told me about a product she saw at like a home trade show called NuKleen . The guy does a demo with pure ammonia in a cup and sprays this organic odor spray in the cup and it removes the ammonia. I am telling you, IT HAS COMPLETELY REMOVED OLD URINE STAINS AND ODORS - COMPLETEY UNDETECTABLE. I AM NOT LYING! I AM SO PLEASED AND COMPLETELY ASTOUNDED. Here is what I wound up doing to fix this problem. We ripped up the carpet carefully and removed the padding. Bleaced the subfloor and painted it with Kilz. We probably didn't need to do the Kilz, because the bleach worked, but as long as we're doing this project, do it right. We get new padding tomorrow. Then I bought this product. There's a cleaner and also and odor remover. You have to buy both. It is a two step process and it takes time. I've been working on the areas for 2 nights now (after work) but it is totally worth it. So I am cleaning my carpet right down to the fibers and the spots I have done so far, are now dry, and there is no scent whatsoever. Smells like any other part of carpet never been peed on. I think this product is like the SCOE10X others mentioned. It's all natural, they use the odor product for animals when they get skunked. If you are willing to take the time to do this like I did, and the elbow grease to do the steps necessary in order, you will be so happy. I am so excited that I will have Christmas, people can be on my carpet opening gifts and my carpet will be clean like it was new. Please please, try this if you want to salvage your carpet. You will be so happy.

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Is there anything you can spray into vents to get rid of cat urine smell? The new litter box may stressed or confused them. It sounds crazy but cats hate change and will act out over the littlest thing. They could also to be reacting to changes in your home over preparing for the new baby. Before you adopt them out, consider doing a thorough clean to get rid of the smell. Use baking soda, water, and vinegar to clean the affected area. I would also get rid of the couch because they can still smell the urine on it. This will signal to them to return to that area and spray or pee. I would also limit them to one room until you get things under control. You can use a backlight to see any areas that you may missed.

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Find some ODOBAN. I think I bought it at Sam's Club the last time by the case. They sell little bottles at Wal-mart. White bottle with green & black lettering. We bought a house that had several cats in it and we took a sprayer (like you would put weed killer out with) and after scrubbing the walls, sprayed the whole house. It actually worked pretty well! I would also find some lime. Your local garden supply or feed store would have it. We use that in the barn to get rid of the urine/ammonia smell and it drys wet spots.
Hope that helps!

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