Pet Pheromone Products for Behavior Problems: Do They Work?

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This calming spray product has been proven by its users and customers to be highly effective and result oriented in calming hot-headed cats.

Convivial House Cat stops feline fighting, it halts urinating outside of the box, and urine spraying. You'll love that there are many options for applying it which will be detailed when you receive your order. Convivial House Cat can be very versatile because it does not contain alcohol, oils, or pheromones allowing you to safely use it in your cat's food and water, or anoint your cat's fur and ears with it, as well as spray it around the house on objects and places which have been marked or soiled. You'll be impressed by how it calms and harmonizes cats of all ages. Everyone loves Convivial because it does so much so it's truly a good value. To go with this fine product and to zero in on specific problems you will want to use our Flower Essence Formulas for Cats. When they are used together the effectiveness of both increases dramatically. To view the flower essences look over at the left navigation of this page.

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One spray provides comforting residual air that is effective for up to 8-10 hours. Cats feel they are in friendly, calm surroundings. For those cats who don't respond to neutering, environmental stresses — such as a new person or pet in the house or a neighbor's cat in the yard — may be triggering the spraying. Anti-anxiety medication may help (talk to your veterinarian), as will cleaning sprayed areas thoroughly and covering them with foil to discourage fresh marking. Pheromone-based aerosol products may also help calm your cat and reduce the urge to spray.

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Cats that mark in one or two particular areas may cease if the function of the area is changed. It is unlikely that cats will spray in their feeding, sleeping or scratching areas. It has also been shown that cats that mark an area with cheek glands are less likely to mark in other ways such as with urine. In fact it might be said that cats that use their cheek glands are marking in a more calm, familiar manner while those that urine mark are doing so in a more reactive, anxious manner. A commercial product containing synthetic cheek gland scent (Feliway®) has proven to be an effective way of reducing urine marking in some cats. When sprayed on areas where cats have sprayed urine or on those areas where it can be anticipated that the cat is likely to spray, it may decrease the likelihood of additional spraying in those areas. The use of feline facial pheromone may stimulate cheek gland marking (bunting), rather than urine spraying. It is available as a room diffuser that covers about 700 square feet for cats marking multiple sites or as a spray to be used directly at the area where your cat sprays. It has also been used to calm cats in new environments, including the veterinary hospital and to help familiarize the cat with a new cage or cat carrier.

Where practical, a good compromise for some cats is to allow them one or two areas for marking. This can be done by placing a shower curtain on the vertical surface, tiling the area, or by taking two plastic litter boxes and placing one inside the other to make an L-shape (with the upright surface to catch the marked urine). Another option is to place booby traps in the sprayed areas; but with this option, spraying of another area may then develop.

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