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Today I’m going to review the Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller and I’ll run through the features, the good points and the bad, then customers opinions and point you in the best direction to get the best price near you.

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Well, welcome, you came to the right page on the internet because I am going to tell you right now what the best ultrasonic cat repeller is. Of course I’d rather you took time to read my hand crafted cat repellent reviews that I laboured over to try and give consumers the best advice possible, but hey, time is precious right, and right now time is more precious to you than a few bucks because you just want rid of these blinking cats!

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PestBye Battery Operated Cat Repeller | Review |Ultrasonic Cat Repellent. The Garden Creations JB5028 Ultrasonic Cordless Pest Repeller is not a device I had personally tried, however I could not help but notice it is absolutely tearing up the Amazon charts for cat repellers this year. In this case it would be remiss of us not to provide a review based on all the available information and customer reviews. Also, before we begin, it is worth noting that at the time of publication, is on sale for a huge discount at Amazon making it one of the most inexpensive solutions for cat problems available anywhere.

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Reading customers reviews I have discovered that most are extremely happy with their Sonic Cat Repeller with results of cat free gardens almost immediately to only a few days.

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The British are known for taking pride in their gardens so I thought it was about time I helped you brits find the best ultrasonic cat repellent in the UK. Unfortunately some of the cat repellents featured on are only available in the US, so all the devices in our are guaranteed available in the UK, and I’ll be including a link to Amazon where you can check them out (USA visitors please check out our reviews of )The reason we have done this is that on Amazon, quite a few ultrasonic devices have been marked down by customers because perhaps they do not repel deer, or racoons. These reviews are not of interest to us, we just need to know about the reviews that have been left which specifically mention cats.If you have a small garden, any of the cat repellents we have reviewed will give you adequate cover and activate whenever a cat wanders into your garden. If you have a medium to large garden however, you will be looking for a cat repellent that has greater range, or perhaps you can place more than one cat repellent device around the garden, strategically placed for maximum effect. In this cat repellent review I thought we’d take a closer look at which ultrasonic cat repellers had the greatest range to help owners of medium to large gardens have success at keeping cats out of their garden.In this case I would suggest one of the water repellents that I have reviewed on this site. Cats might be able to withstand the annoyance of an ultrasonic for a short period of time, but they will NOT stick around if they are getting sprayed with a jet of water!