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The next step is to cut the salmon into bite size pieces. Smoked salmon is pretty easy to find this time of year. It seems like grocery stores consider this a specialty item and keep it in stock over the holidays. You can use 1-2 packages depending on how much crostini you are preparing. Just separate the pieces of salmon and cut them into small strips. Make them roughly the same size as the crostini. I have two cats and I would just like to say for the record that photographing smoked salmon with two cats running around is nearly impossible. These little beggars meowed and circled. I tried to lock them in the basement and they outsmarted me. I tried to swat them away and damn near lost a finger. Moral of the story? There is none – cats just really love smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon too is not safe for cats. The problem with smoked salmon and other smoked fish is that they contain excessive amounts of sodium.

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Formula with Roasted Venison and Smoked Salmon is a holistic, grain free dry cat food. The first ingredient is chicken meal followed by peas, sweet potatoes, chicken fat. pea and potato protein and then roasted venison, smoked salmon, and ocean fish meal. It also contains dried chicory root, tomatoes, blueberries and raspberries. It has the most unique ingredients of any cat food that I feed my five cats. The ingredients in this food are highly digestible and offer a great taste that appeals to my cats. It is made for all life stages. It contains all the essential elements needed for a healthy cat diet and is AAFCO approved.

Quality of Ingredients
The quality of ingredients in this cat food is very good. There are four animal proteins and no animal by-products. There are vegetables, berries and all the vitamins and minerals cats need to maintain good health. Taste of the Wild is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Flavor Selection
Taste of the Wild grain free dry food only comes in two flavors; Rocky Mountain and Canyon River, which is a trout and salmon formula. My cats prefer the Rocky Mountain version.

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Buy Hartz Delectables Gourmet Treats for Cats Smoked Salmon from Mariano. Bernard said the salmon is so good that even the trimmings can be enticing. He laughed remembering how many years ago, when he owned a small chain of Freezer Centres and used to stock a pet food product for cats made from smoked salmon trimmings, a little old lady used to come into one of the stores and regularly bought this product.

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Grizzly Crunchy Cat Treats contain more than 5% Omega-3s—an excellent alternative to Grizzly Salmon Oil. Their crunchy texture helps support clean teeth, hairball management, and a healthy, lustrous coat. 300+ treats in every container are packed with bits of ground, smoked wild salmon for a flavor that cats crave.

A little smoked salmon would be fine, according to the vet