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Catspad helps keep cats happy and healthy, even when life gets busy. Armed with only a smartphone and a Catspad,you can monitor your cats’ health no matter where you are, set times throughout the day to feed them and activate the fresh water fountain.

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SmartCat Litter is light in weight but strong in performance. It begins to clump on contact by immediately absorbing urine. This quick clumping action traps the odor-causing bacteria, and odors disappear.

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some videos of some amazing smart cats.cats are amazing smart and cute 2013 The initial development study identified a few usability issues related to the app and the portal. For the app, one issue was the need for an option to suspend the notification for a specific amount of time when the time to complete skills coach entries was not appropriate. Another issue was the need to include two additional questions in the skills coach entries. For the portal, the only issue was the need for an activity logger that records certain app activities such as when the app's notification dialog appears, how often the notification is suspended, and the smartphone's status (e.g., powered on/off, battery level). These issues were addressed before the initial feasibility and acceptability study was initiated.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

The SmartCAT communication protocol was built on top of the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) standard. The protocol allows two or more network entities connected through the Internet to exchange data bidirectionally and asynchronously in near real-time. The XMPP protocol was originally designed to work reliably on a wired communication link. On wireless, where the network connectivity is not reliable, a mechanism needs to be implemented on the app's background service to proactively acquire network quality information such as signal strength. When signal strength is considered poor but still usable, the app will notify the portal to close the connection, allowing both entities to temporarily suspend network operations. During this state, activities involving network connectivity will be queued locally by the participating entities. When signal strength improves, the app resumes the connection, and all pending activities in the queue will be executed. This extension can potentially increase data transmission reliability on unreliable wireless networks.

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SmartCat Litter is very soft on paws and attracts your cat to the box. Your furry friend will find digging, eliminating and covering effortless. You will find cleaning and maintaining the box to be equally as simple.Pioneer Pet/SmartCat began over twenty years ago when Betsy Lipscomb, the founder and president of Cats International, gathered old wooden fence posts from her farm in Wisconsin and gave them to cat owners to use for scratching posts. The posts were very popular and over the years were improved with the addition of sisal rope and a sturdy base.As a feline only veterinarian frustrated with the current litters available for cats, I am head over heels with your new Smart Cat litter. It is soft enough for declawed cats, completely dust free, and has exceptional clumping ability without the worry of containing ingredients that might be harmful to our babies. I have finally found a litter I am comfortable recommending to my clients, and have chosen to use it exclusively with my own family. Bravo to Pioneer Pet Products. Your Smart Cat Litter is a winner.
–Lynn BahrBetsy decided that she wanted to start a company whose sole mission was to enhance our pets’ quality of life, by providing for their behavioral needs. She especially wanted to detour pet parents from declawing their cats, as it is a cruel procedure. With a lot of persuasion she finally convinced her husband, John, to manufacture a larger version of her homemade scratching post. The result was our flagship product, the Ultimate Scratching Post. Thus SmartCat® began.