I bought my cats a Whisker City small fountain last month

The Catit Design Fresh & Clear Pet Drinking Fountain is a drinking fountain for cats that provides a consistent supply of clean and fresh water. This Fresh and Clear drinking fountain features a new elevated design and multi-stage filtration for reducing impurities from water. This pet drinking fountain has a large surface area that results in higher oxygenation and re-circulating flow that ensures your cat does not receive stale and stagnant water. The Catit water fountain is also compatible for use with small dogs.

Is there a smaller fountain for one cat that will not cause feline acne?

A cute and totally functional alternative is the Catit Flower Fountain. It has a really nice attractive design with a flower on top which makes it a great décor in your house as well. You can set 3 different water flow settings in case your cat is a picky drinker. This cat water fountain offers maximum oxygen to keep the water fresh and better tasting. It also takes a small space on your floor.

My cats love the big fountain and use it more than their smaller one

The fountain is suitable for cats and small dogs and can be used for multiple-pet households. PetSafe rounds out our list with this 70 oz water fountain that is perfect for small to medium sized cats. It is made of porcelain and is thus very hygienic. It is also very easy to clean, with its top part dishwasher safe. Like the other PetSafe water fountains mentioned in this list, it has a replaceable carbon water filter that effectively gets rid of bad tastes and odors.

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Another unique model is the Ani Mate Cat Mate Pet Fountain. It features multiple heights of drinking stations so both big and small cats can drink. The ramp design reduces splashing so you don’t waste water. It uses an isolated pump system that makes this a quiet operation. This cat water fountain includes a polymer-carbon filter that purifies the water and has available replacement cartridges.

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This fountain was designed at the special request of our Persian cat friends, who's cats tend to "bathe" in their fountains. The three drinking indentations (for the medium fountain shown in the pictures below), are just large enough to allow the cat to drink - keeping them hydrated. Only their tongues can fit in the indentations keeping their fur clean and dry. The water in the indentations stays at a constant height and is continuously circulated and exchanged with freshly filtered water. We can create these fountains in any size, color and decoration you like. The small fountain has 2, the medium 3 and the large fountain 4 indentations in the lid cover.The PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain has a capacity of 70 ounces. This is an ample capacity for cats and most small dogs. Buyers who have more than one dog (or several cats) may need to replenish the water more frequently, but in general, 70 ounces should be good for two to three days. Some owners have said that the unit is noisy, but others recommend keeping the fountain full in order to eliminate noise.