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Clear-Glass Food-Storage Containers with Blue Plastic Lids, Set of ... tabs so they can be ... tons of money on cat food from it going bad laying on the floor. The amount of small . as well as trays with separate lids ... disposable plastic...

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The Bowlmates by Petco Mini Pet Food Can Lids are ideal for keeping your pet's food cans fresh administration bextra drug food Hint - OurPets Small Flex o Lid Pet Food Can Cover Small Flex-O-Lids fit most small cans of canned dog or cat food. . These lids are made of sturdy plastic and fit Fancy Feast cans perfectly. .

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packaged food in india OurPet's Flex-o-Lid Pet Food Can Cover Unlike plastic lids, OurPet's Flex-O-Lids are durable and won't crack, and are ev . Small Flex-O-Lids fit most small cans of canned dog or cat food. .

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One more thought – this information is probably here on this blog, but what I’ve found works in switching our numerous cats to new foods is that it has to happen incredibly slowly. I do not invest in a lot of cans/bags of the new food/s, just small cans. Each day, I will put in TEENSY amounts of the new stuff in with the food they do like. I follow their lead – I don’t up it for days until I am sure they will keep eating it. This process can take weeks and weeks. I use foil or plastic lids and keep the food in the fridge. I’ve been quite successful with this – but, that being said, there are still times that various cats randomly will turn their nose up completely at food they have been eating/loving for a long time. They usually come back to it later in the day. I also find that not putting out more than 2-3 tablespoons (sometimes less) of wet food will save it from going bad (don’t want that pricey cat food being tossed out). Just some thoughts from my personal experience.