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The sliding glass pet door offered by Advanced Window Products is great for this purpose. We can replace either or just insert . The door will function just like it did before, only now your pet will be able to come and go as they please. The cat door is made of and will not cost you money by letting out warm or cold air like many pet doors do. The flap is soft and flexible, unlike other pet doors that could potentially injure your pet, and seals very quickly, as well as securely, after your pet comes back inside the house. This prevents the elements and wild animals from outside making their way in.

DIY blog with easy ideas! Build your own cat door for a horizontal sliding window.

Once you have picked your panel material, it needs to be cut to the right height. If you measure the sliding window height and use that, it's a pretty safe bet. After all, the window fit into the track, so if your panel is built to that same height it should fit too; just put the top of your panel into the track and lift up and over the bottom wall. The wood or Lexan will not be as thick as your window is, so it will be loose in the track. You can screw it to the inside or outside of the track to keep it from moving. Another option is just to run some weather stripping tape down the track and down the side of the window, then squeeze the window into the pet door, and use the weatherstrip to hold the panel in place. Using a clamp on lock as shown in the video helps to keep the window tight against the cat door.

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Patio Pacific Thermo Panel 2e Automatic Electronic Cats & Small Dog Door for Sliding Glass Doors Measure your sliding glass door. Before you begin, you must have an accurate measurement of both the door and your pet. Measure the door from the inside of the frame. Measure the height of the patio door to find the width. Add at least two inches (or more) to the measurement. Sliding glass doors come in a large variety of sizes for both cats and dogs. Check Resources (below) for a link to the specific instructions required for pet measuring.

Down-to-Earth DIY: Cat Door (Horizontal Sliding Window)

Cats love to be independent, with the freedom to come and go as they please. Installing a quality cat door in your home makes this possible, keeping your cat happy and giving you peace of mind. Pet Mountain's Cat Door store features every type of cat door imaginable to perfectly suit your home and feline friend.

PetSafe's classic pet doors provide easy entry and exit for your pet with minimal complications for you. These doors install easily and suit most pets. Cat Mate offers a full line of more advanced options, including electromagnetic cat flaps that open only for pets you've selected. This means no more strays or wild animals sneaking through the door and invading your home. Pride Pet Doors is the leader in adaptive kits for installing a cat flap in your sliding glass door, giving your pet an open shot at the backyard whenever she wants it.

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