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Give your kitty Street -Cred with our absolutely stunning, original and exclusive skull and crossbone collars. Made from especially designed and beautiful quality grosgrain ribbon on durable and soft matching webbing material, these collars will make your kitty the envy of the neighbourhood. The collar is available in 3 colours: Black, Hot Pink, and Red and 2 sizes, Small and Regular. The fabric features silver printed skull and crossbones that shimmer and reflect the light. These collars come with the perfect cat-size silver bell which is removable if you don’t want to keep it on the collar. Each collar also has a matching colour contoured safety clasp that is sturdy but will break apart if your kitty gets caught up. They also feature a cute star charm and a matching colour glider to adjust the strap.

Cat Collar Skull and Crossbones with Fish Charm by PoppySeedCats, £6.00

This two pack of collars features a designer patterned skull and crossbones collar and solid black nylon collar. Both include a bell and breakaway buckle. This cat collar will fit most cats and is adjustable from 8-11". Will not work as a tie out due...

Skull Cat Collar Skulls and Crossbones on Black by Pugs2Persians

Cat Collar Skull and Crossbones with Fish Charm by PoppySeedCats, £6.00

Skull and Crossbones Beastie Band Cat Collar - Here Kitty Kitty

Red Skull Bones Dog Collar Skull and Crossbones Cat Collar - Etsy