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You're probably most familiar with sisal rope cat scratchers, but sisal is available in a fabric, too. It has a rough texture, like the rope does, so your cat will be inclined naturally to want to sharpen her claws on it. However, being fabric, it isn't quite as durable as the rope. The advantage of being less durable is that your cat will be able to shred the fabric with enough work, so she'll feel a sense of accomplishment. However, that also means you'll have to replace the fabric more frequently than you would the rope.

The best rope for cat scratching post which I would recommend you to get is sisal rope.

Now it was time to start wrapping the pole. I estimated we would need about 250ft of sisal, but I couldn’t find a continuous length of it at either Lowes or Home Depot. Sigh. We wound up purchasing 5 50ft length packs, and we were actually able to return one unopened when the project was done. If you do this, make sure you use sisal. “Manila” rope looks a lot like it, but it’s been treated with different oils and isn’t safe for your cats.

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Sisal rope scratching posts are generally considered as the best ones for cats. Appeal to your cat: I prefer sisal rope because my cats seem to like the scratchy feel and sound of it. All of my cats scratch on sisal rope. And I would say that 99% of my cats over the years have appreciated the sisal posts I have offered them. But like I say, all cats have their own preferences.

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Appearance: Most sisal rope is light beige to an almost creamy color. Some sisal rope is dyed red, green, or blue. I would not trust sisal rope that has been dyed unless I am buying it from the person who did the dyeing. Some dyes are toxic. I know that cats do not eat sisal rope as a general rule, but still, I wouldn't want my cat to be touching a toxic dye every day. The effect could be cumulative, for all I know. A well wrapped (meaning with tight rows) sisal post, combined with a reasonably chosen contrasting colored carpet for the base, in my opinion, looks very nice. Also, remember that sisal will not shed like the fibers coming off a piece of cheap carpet (or an expensive cut, for that matter!). Eventually, however, the sisal strands will begin to be pulled out and hang there, especially toward the top of your scrather. The post will begin to look like a palm tree as it ages. You can trim these fibers if you wish.

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Scratching posts come in different types of coverings for your cat to scratch on. One of the best, if not the very best, is sisal rope. are often considered the best kind of post by cat behavior experts.The natural fiber rope that coils around the trunks of cat trees can become shredded from a cat sharpening its claws. You can save the cost of replacing the cat tree by replacing the sisal rope. Consider wearing old clothes for this project, because you might get a little dusty when removing the old rope.