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Your cat must eat the new single-protein food exclusively for several weeks. By slipping your kitty her usual treats, table handouts or giving in when she complains about the new menu, the hypoallergenic diet will not work because her system is still being exposed to potential allergens. If at the end of the controlled feeding trial you note improvement in your cat’s condition, your veterinarian may ask that you resume her former diet for a couple of weeks. If her symptoms return, then a food allergy diagnosis is conclusive and she will be placed on the single-protein diet permanently.

Single Animal Protein Source: BLUE Basics always features real turkey, duck or whitefish – high-quality proteins not commonly used in cat food

Increasingly pet parents are seeking the simplicity of a diet limited in proteins, ingredients and grains for their cats and dogs, especially for those pets with ingredient intolerances or food sensitivities. “Many pet parents look for specialized diets because they want both the presence of positive, simple ingredients but also the absence of negatives – those select ingredients they may be avoiding for their pet,” said Sapir.

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My Account · Cart · Home / Cat Food / Evanger's / Grain Free Single Protein .. If your kitty has been eating a quality adult cat food for some time and her stool has begun to smell foul due to a recent onset of chronic diarrhea, she may have a gastrointestinal condition called inflammatory bowel disease. This condition presents with the symptom of diarrhea, which is exacerbated by diet. The inciting cause for this reaction can be from an ingredient found in a cat’s normal commercial diet, most often the protein source. If your veterinarian suspects inflammatory bowel disease, he will recommend a hypoallergenic diet that contains a single, novel protein. Inflammatory bowel disease is rarely cured, but such dietary management may control the symptoms, minimizing her bouts of diarrhea.

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Nutrisca uses a single protein which helps if your kitty has any type of food sensitivites. By keeping potato out of the formula and using low glycemic carbs, this food is excellent at keeping your cat at a healthy weight while maintaining a good, lean muscle mass.

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Plus, Koha canned food is low in fat and comes in Venison and Kangaroo (great for allergy prone cats).Limited ingredient cat food is similar to hypoallergenic cat food. These foods are usually fed to cats that have food allergies or food intolerances. They typically have a single protein source and a single carb source – ideally something that your cat hasn’t eaten previously. The idea is to change your cat’s diet to something that won’t trigger his allergy or food intolerance.