Simply Nourish™ Cat Food - Natural, Grain Free, Chicken ..

Simply Nourish Tuna, Sea Bass & Shrimp is crafted using wholesome ingredients Pet Parents recognize. Real fish in broth makes mealtime more delicious. Add a variety of tastes and textures to your cat's diet to keep her pouncing and purring. Only at PetSmart. Features: Made with real fish Food Type: Cat Treat Food Consistency: Wet Life Stage: Adult Cat Flavor

Simply Nourish™ Stew Adult Cat Food at PetSmart. Shop all cat wet food online.

The cats seem to really like this brand, but I'm remaining vigilant about recalls and the potential for better food brands. As I said, with the wet food we're still experimenting. They're not convinced yet by the wet food version of this brand (Simply Nourish), but they haven't yet really taken to any wet food that wasn't Purina .

Simply Nourish™ SOURCE Adult Cat Food - Natural, Grain ..

May 20, 2017 - Simply Nourish™ Stew Adult Cat Food at PetSmart. Shop all cat wet food online. Using the calculations provided by the , Simply Nourish Stew Adult Cat Food - Chicken has approximately 56 calories per 100g (16 calories/ounce), which is compared to the average of the other wet cat foods in the CatFoodDB.

Simply Nourish™ Cat Food - Natural, Grain Free ..

Same for cats. This info has been available since before Christmas at least. I looked into their cat food for Murdoch... its more expensive, but in my view it isn't any better than Authority. The only real difference I can see, ingredient-wise, is Authority has corn and the Simply Nourish doesn't. I found their wet cat foods to be really gimmicky, although it looks like they've changed the fomulas recently - they used to have silly flavours like Chicken with Parmesean Cheese and Spinach, and they were full of rice.

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