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My first impressions of the unit was positive, the unit provides a spacious litter area for a cat to do their business with out any distractions from moving parts or sound. The Petsafe brand even claims that a cat can be doing their business in side the cat box even if the simply clean is in the cleaning process.

Among PetSafe’s best cat-related products is their Simply Clean self-cleaning litter box.

I am sorry to hear of the trouble you’ve experienced with your Simply Clean Litter Box System, and can understand how frustrating it must be to often need replacement parts. We have found that many who experience frequent replacements often use various types of litter other than the recommended clumping clay material or they may use this system for multiple cats, kittens or older cats, cats that weigh over 12 lbs., or cats who have diet or health issues. This is because depending on the weight, age, diet, and health of your pet, they may use the litter box more frequently than others and can cause more stress on the motors.

I have two cats, one 10 lbs and one 14 lbs

I want to share with fellow cat owners why I love my Simply Clean and why I think automatic litter boxes are amazing. Automatic litter boxes often have a safety setting so they don’t run when your cat is in it, but some boxes make a low humming noise when they’re on. My cats didn’t have any problem adjusting to the Simply Clean, and the soft hum when it’s plugged in is so quiet I can barely hear it with my ear right next to it.

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I love my Simply Clean and how much easier cleaning up after my cats is. I’m planning on getting three more automatic boxes so I won’t have to scoop the traditional litter boxes anymore.

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Welcome back to another addition to my cat litter box reviews, today I will be reviewing the PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box I have the Simply Clean at home and its a good unit but I wouldnt recommend it for more than 3 cats in the house.
It’s just way too slow to clean itself for the next cat and this may cause some toilet problems with multiple cats.
Most of the time I would have to have another litter box lying in another area of the house because the pets safe would get fall really quickly within a day.If you are concerned about price then you have to check this one out
The Petsafe offers a continuous clean up process, The cat’s waste its silently pick up using the conveyor rotating system that you will think the unit is off.
The Simply Clean box is the quietest automatic litter box on the market today and has been making waves with is affordable price.This automatic cat litter box has a self-cleaning system that will scoop the clump any dirty cat litter and sweep it away from ever smelling it.
The waste receptacle is fitted with the carbon filter to ensure that odors will be kept at a minimum. The clean-up process uses a similar sensor which detects your cat from entering and exiting.