No instructions but looks pretty simple..

Did you consider using the old scratching post? Or was it still in use while you made the new one? I bought one that looks similar to your purchased post but it is square. I haven’t taken the old sisal off but thought I could just use it as the base for the sisal rope version. Thank you for the post and your comments about using nails versus glue. I was concerned that the glue might be harmful to my cat. Thank you so much.

simplistic DIY cat scratching post with carpet remnant (to dig out from the garage) & string to tighten.

One of the more successful feline interventions around the Root Simple compound was my idea of turning a corner of our couch into a cat scratching post. Since cats love scratching furniture, why not make the corners out of sisal rope and solve two problems at once?

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Making this mini cat scratching post is quite simple. Here’s what you’ll need to make both the scratching post AND the cat ‘magic’ wand: Cats, whether they are wild or domesticated, or big or small, all share very close and similar traits and instincts. Apart from their condescending attitude towards you, you need to know that scratching and clawing is also a very primal instinct they harbour. You may like you know, or may have noticed, that cats play and entertain themselves by scratching and pouncing onto its owners and toys. So, every time you cats slashed its claws on your face or brand new shoes, know that it does so purely out of its instincts. But whatever the reason may be, when its sharp dagger-like claws dig through your skin and flesh, the pain is always excruciating. Having a cat scratch post at its disposal will make sure that it can answer to its evolutionary habits on the furniture, and not you. Ouch!

DIY Cat Scratching Post That Literally Lasts for Years

Give your cat something to scratch other than the sides of your leather couch. Buy them a great ! The question ‘why do cats scratch things’ never has to be answered right away, it just has to be an action that a cat owner should know how to handle. Curtains are torn, there are scrapes on your stainless steel refrigerator, and the paint on your walls is peeling off. This is a result of your precious little kitty who just can’t keep their paws to themselves. Even though it might look like they scratch everything just because you told them not to, that isn’t the case. Cats, like dogs, have to mark their territory. There are actually scent glands at the bottom of their feet which releases a specific scent once they scratch something. Your cat also wants to stay clean and I am sure that you would like them to keep clean as well. When cats scratch, they are cleaning out all of the dead materials that are stuck in their claws. Your cat scratching will actually keep your house clean. Even the simplest scratching post can do the trick and keep your cat away from the furniture.

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♥ DIY Cat Stuff ♥ DIY Pinspiration: Wooden crate cat bed and scratching post. No instructions but looks pretty simple... 2 crates, wood posts, rope and a carpet covered base.Making a cat scratching post is a good idea for anyone who has a cat. Cats will scratch at furniture for many reasons, including relaxation and grooming. Declawing a cat is barbaric, and not an option for most animal lovers. The simple solution is to create a safe place for your cat to scratch without damaging any furniture. Here's how you can make a scratching post for your cat with inexpensive materials.