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Thrive ProTaste enhances your cats meal with all natural, 100% chicken breast fillets, freeze dried and then milled to a powder. Simply sprinkle on your cats food and see how much they love it!

Tasty, simple grain-free canned recipes for cats with food sensitivities

CANIDAE® use simple recipes for sensitive cats. Each limited ingredient diet is made with 7–8 key ingredients that are easily recognizable. And even if your cat isn’t sensitive to ingredients, he'll still love the great taste. Choose from a variety of formulas made with fresh meat or fish first, paired with whole ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas, or chickpeas—never corn, wheat or soy. Feed your cat all the great taste he craves and all the nutrition he needs. to view our CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE cat food.

It's the kind of simple nutrition that can help your cat thrive.

A simple limited-ingredient diet for dogs or cats with food sensitivities Dry cat food (kibble) is most often packed in multi-wall , sometimes with a layer; similar bag styles with film laminates or coextrusions are also used. Wet cat food is often packed in or . Packaging regulations for cat food are often very similar to corresponding regulations for human foods.

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People are often overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of making their cat’s food but, in reality, it’s quite simple – as long as you follow a balanced recipe. I make cat food once every few months and freeze it. Making your own cat food doesn’t mean slaving in the kitchen every day–trust me, if it did, I wouldn’t be doing it.

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Looking for three simple food puzzles you can make for your cat? Here are complete instructions on three different types of puzzles: a stationary board, a rolling feeder, and a peekaboo box style feeder! Thanks to Your Cat Magazine for the great ideas!This is a simple, yet creative way to make a homemade puzzle box/stationary feeder for your cat. Glam Cat shows you step by step how to turn an ordinary food storage container into a food puzzle – and one that you can adjust to your cat’s skill level by adding obstacles or changing hole sizes […]1. Get a plain brown paper lunch bag. 2. Fill with food. 3. Gently twist close and offer to your cat. Foraging toys do not need to be fancy. They simply need to vary to continually peak your cat’s interest and be appropriate for their skill level. Remember that foraging is not just a feeding […]The water bottle toy is extremely simple. All it requires is a water bottle with some holes cut into it. Place food in the bottle and let your cat move it around to release the food. Eventually you can decrease the size or number of holes to make it a bit more challenging. This will encourage your cat to use hunting, pouncing, and play skills.