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When Feline Pine ran out, we started using Swheat Scoop. If you’ve ever tried Red River cereal, it looks very similar to Swheat Scoop. We sprinkled it in a cleaned out litter box and gave it a try. It has no scent and is not dusty. Again, the cats were impervious to the change. What I liked is that it behaved the same way clumping litter does, making both number ones and number twos easy to clean up after and still allows the rest of the clean litter to sift through the scoop back into the pan for future use. It leaves no dust at all and does not break down once wet, and finally, it traps in odours well. I like it, however it’s not quite the greatest odour eliminator.

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Dimensions 19 34 x 15 14 x 10 58 sifter allows for easy removal of clumps triple odor protection with a removable doorhood -Easy To Use Sifting Pan For Clumping Litter Sifting Enclosed Cat Pan To Be Used For All Cats Carrying Handle-Dimensions (L x W x...

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Give your cat privacy and have an easier time cleaning up the litter with the Giant Sifting Enclosed Cat Pan. This device is ideal Favorite® 19 Inch by 16 Inch by 7 Inch Cat Litter Box with Rim Medium/ Sifting/ Sifter Cat Litter Pan for Pine Cat Litter Only/ High Sided Kitten Litter Box/ Rimmed Sifting Cat Litter Pan with 2 Pans M in Blue

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I really love it now! I'm able to sift the sawdust down to the next pan and not waste all those good pellets. My trash bag is half the weight and I'm saving so much $$ on cat litter now. Just ignore the fact that these two boxes cost me $30 each for now, please!!

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Sift your cat's litter with the pull of a lever. SmartSift is an innovative sifting system that simplifies litter maintenance. Seamless, noiseless, pull-and-refresh process collects and disposes cat waste without any motorized pieces that can burn out or break over time. It's easy to operate; you simply release the lever from locked position and pull it forward to sift litter. Clean litter falls through the sifter, while clumps are deposited into a waste bin below. Once a week, replace the pullout waste bin liner. The pan's enclosed design, along with an integrated carbon filter, help control odors in and around the litter box.

Shop Now: When the pan is full and requires cleaning, the pan on top is removed to allow manual sifting, the clean litter is dropped down to the base of the pan. The accumulated clumped litter and cat waste are thrown away and the sifting pan returned to its original position on top of the base pan. As this sifting litter box is made of plastic, cleaning can be done with soap and water. The Van Ness sifting litter box makes use of regular clumping litter. It may require replenishment from time to time.