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The invention relates to a sifting liner bags system. More particularly, the invention relates to liner bags which are positioned at the bottom of a cat litter box, and are periodically lifted, whereupon uncontaminated litter is allowed to sift through the bag back into the litter box, while waste remains in the bag for disposal.

Kitty Cat Sifting Litter Box Liners- 10 Per Box Plus 1 Transfer Liner Per Box…

4) Sift – maintain cat litter freshness, by lifting one of the liners out of box to remove kitty waste. The easy to use liner sifts clean litter back into the litter box.

hot sale Whisker City Large Cat Sifting Litter Box Liners, 20 Count

hot sale 2017 Whisker City Large Cat Sifting Litter Box Liners, 20 Count This is a large litter box (26 x 19 x 25 inches for the exterior, 19 x 13 x 17 inches for the interior) made of sturdy plastic that has an enclosed design and lever-controlled sifting mechanism. The lever on one side of the box rotates the cat pan to pass the litter over a sifter. The waste collected by the sifter is deposited into a pull-out compartment at the bottom that holds a disposable liner. The clean litter is then returned to the pan.

Whisker City Large Cat Sifting Litter Box Liners, 20 Count 60%OFF

I purchased this Sift and Toss Kitty Litter Liner the other day, and I am very disappointed. My cats claws get stuck in the mesh when they try to dig after using the liter box. Also, the clumps stick to the the other liners underneath, so when you pull one out, the dirty liter is still in there. What a waste of money.

Whisker City Large Cat Sifting Litter Box Liners, 20 Count 50%OFF

Product Features
• The Original Sifting Liners, specially
designed sifting process, sifts the litter box
faster than any other sifter on the market.
• Heavy duty durable sifting liners are easy to
• Extra Giant size fits all Cat Litter pans.
• These sifting liners are designed exclusively
to work with Clumping Cat Litter which makes
up 74% of all litter purchases.
• New package design captures that
connection between the buyer and their cat.Cat lovers adore their furry, feline friends, but dealing with the mess and smell of the litter box is one of those tasks most owners would rather not have to complete. The good news is that Sift Clean litter liners take the hassle out of cleaning your kitty's litter and make it easy to keep your home smelling great.3 Boxes of Alfapet Kitty Cat Sifting Extra Giant Litter Box Liners 10 Per Box Plus 1 Transfer Liner Per Box and 1 of box Arm & Hammer Litter Deodorizer 20 oz. with Baking Soda (Bundle)Another commonly used sifting cat litter box is a single base pan using sifting litter box liners. These liners are disposable and placed on top of the base pan before fresh and clean litter is placed. When the litter box is full you will only need to remove the liners sifting the waste from the litter at the same time. What is left in the box is the clean litter and the waste immediately thrown away to the trash. It is also a very convenient way to maintain your litter box. Only the base pan requires cleaning with soap and water as the liners should be disposed of after every sifting use.