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Siamese cats tend to be of moderate-high energy, and will require an extremely high-protein diet. However, some Siamese cats are well-known for being very picky eaters. Most Siamese cats will respond well to a high-quality canned food diet, though they can be switched to dry food every few months. You can supplement your Siamese cat’s diet with vitamin supplements, as long as they are designed to work with the nutritional program included in your cat food formula.

The fundamental keys to feeding and diet that will result in much happier, healthier Siamese cats?

You've got a smart cat (but then that's a Siamese for you, LOL!). Dry food was created for our convenience, and not for the health of our cats. Studies now link dry food to such health issues as obesity, diabetes, urinary tract disorders, and kidney disease. Nature created cats to be obligate carnivores - that means they eat meat, and have little to no use for grains and corn in their diets. That is the cause of the obesity and diabetes. And they aren't big drinkers - they were meant to get most of their moisture from their food, so dry food keeps them perpetually dehydrated which can lead to urinary tract issues and the kidney disease. Siamese especially are very prone to having problems with corn. It can lead to food allergies and tummy upsets. Many of then are also prone to early kidney disease, so it's especially important to be sure they eat as much canned and as little dry as you can get them to eat. I've got 3 Siamese right now and a Siamese mix and all are on a mostly canned diet per my research and my vet!

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What never to do when it comes to your cats diet if you want to have a healthy Siamese. A Siamese cat eats a diet that is no different than any other cat. Although these felines can eat table food, it is recommended that they be given high-quality nutrition to maintain their well-toned body structure. A good and constant supply of clean water is also vital.

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Your first question when looking for Siamese food is which texture to try. Dry food is hard and crunchy, excellent for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The problem is that like most cats, Siamese don’t naturally seek out hydration, so you will need to to add water to their diet constantly to avoid kidney or urinary tract disease.

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Conducting taste tests with your Siamese cat is an easy way to help pick a food you will know they like. Start with these best cat foods for Siamese cats to ensure that your pet chooses a diet that meets all of her nutritional needs:Siamese cats are friendly, loving, and vocal animals. To care for them, feed them a high protein diet. Make sure to brush their teeth regularly and provide them with perches around your house. See a vet regularly and have your cat screened for conditions like heart disease and glaucoma.