Epic Funny Compilation - Cats and dogs walking awkwardly with shoes.

What’s cuter than a pair of mary janes? Mary janes with cats on them, of course! These feline inspired mary janes are quite possibly the cutest pair of shoes with cats on them. Just keep in mind that they’re not vegan – they’re made of leather – and that they do tend to run small.

Black cat slip ons hi res vans sneakers in cats 2 cats lace up sneakers white hi res loading zoom shoes with cats on them aspca authentic.

Here’s a look at 8 gorgeous pairs of shoes with cats on them! There’s everything from slip ons to heels so you’re bound to find the purrfect fit for you!

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Puss in Boots: For the Love of Cats helps cats with shoes - Marco Eagle “We have 107 bags of shoes, with 25 pairs per bag" for a total of 2,675 pairs of shoes, she said. The garage-ful of shoes will be picked up by For the Love of Cats’ partner group, which uses them to help entrepreneurs in developing countries establish micro-businesses.

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Adrian Gabriel: Everything I write on this blog is from my decades of experience rescuing, and enjoying, cats. I had observed cats who did this were troubled cats. And when I took steps as though what I wrote in the blog were true, the cats and humans got a better relationship, and the trouble with shoes, stopped.

Cats with red shoes, Blackpool, United Kingdom

Womens Canvas Sneakers with Cat Pictures - Adorable "I Love Cats" tennis shoes would be a great gift for my one-cat-shy-of-being-a-crazy-cat-lady sister! $69.95Vans is collaborating with the ASPCA to bring you these shoes in the classic Vans shape printed with cats all over! There’s also a high-top style with cats. and other items in the fashion line, such as hats, backpacks, and t-shirts (but no links to them). Nowhere does the Vans page say anything about whether any money from sales goes to the ASPCA, or how much, but I cannot imagine the Society lending its name to the company for nothing. But you might want to ask before you purchase. . -via Still, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, as long as you also get enough exercise to balance the scales as opposed to tipping them. Going for a nice, after-dessert walk can be a great way to burn off some of those calories you just took in, and it only makes sense that if your love of cats is what got the cycle started, it should be there with you for the next step, too, with these cat-shaped shoes from online retailer Rakuten.We’re not Victoria Backham fans, but we took notice when we saw these cutecutecute cat shoesfrom her design line. Styled in vivid primary colors, the pattern features cats and more cats on a ankle-breaking stiletto platform heel. Beckham herself loves them, tweeting , “Obsessed with my cat shoes!!!!” In fact, she used cat mannequins to […]