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A: The Alley Cats sole is both glued and stitched. The shoes are not waterproof and seam-sealed, but the soles are thick and the tread should be good for wearing in the snow. I would recommend giving the oiled leather uppers a treatment with a leather waterproofing spray though.

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What a cruel trick to place a cone on a shoe-loving cat’s head when piles of shoes are laying about. Sniffing from afar just doesn’t do the trick. It’s like putting a piece of chocolate cake in front of someone who’s avoiding sugar. (Hey, maybe a cone would help curb my sugar cravings.)

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The problem with shoes is that they tend to make some cats very sleepy. Are there shoes in your sports bag? Our feet apparently exude a pheromone that cats react to with a lot of emotion. Many a kitten has fallen asleep with .

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my cat just peed on my shoes… on a totally normal day…. no extra stress, after lots of cuddling…. he isn’t old, with dulled senses. no. he’s just an arse-hole. period. a complete shit head. I HATE CATS. If my girlfriend weren’t so attached, I’d put him down myself.

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Your cat has special scent glands located in various parts of his body, including the area underneath the skin on his chin, and the area around his eyes. When your cat rubs up against you with his head, he is actually "marking" you with his own scent, as a signal to other cats that he is claiming you as "his"! You will probably notice that when your cat is doing this behavior, he is in a loving, peaceful and contented mood. The scent glands around his face release what are known as "facial pheromones", sometimes dubbed "happy hormones"! You should feel honored when your cat does this behavior to you as it is demonstrating his deep affection for you. Rubbing his head against your shoes is also a marking behavior – perhaps your cat is trying to cover up the scents from where you have been during the course of the day (which of course will be on your shoes) with his own scent, signifying again his "claim" on you.As for me, I represented in a bird dress, cat sweater, Catsparella T-shirt, and , but one piece that was conspicuously absent from my ensemble was a pair of cat shoes. A few months ago I rounded up some of of the moment, but recently I’ve discovered even more feline-friendly footwear for just about any occasion.Womens Canvas Sneakers with Cat Pictures - Adorable "I Love Cats" tennis shoes would be a great gift for my one-cat-shy-of-being-a-crazy-cat-lady sister! $69.95In general, cats just can’t get enough of our shoes. They don’t care whether they’re sandals, boots, tennis shoes, or slippers — they just want to shove their noses inside and settle in for a long and satisfying high that sometimes elevates them to a transcendent state.