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Desperate situation here! I have had my Katrina rescue pit mix for seven years. She was a year and a half old when we got her; before I took her, I asked if she got along with cats and was assured she did. Wrong (she probably was still too traumatized to react). Along with her other issues (she had not been housebroken, still pees in the house anywhere from three to 10 times a day), she is violently cat aggressive and killed my beloved 11-year-old cat (she broke through a window screen to get to the cat, who was outside on the porch). Our other two cats were safe in a separate apartment with my son, but we had to move and are now all together. The cats are in my bedroom upstairs. My son is putting a metal gate on the stairway and I can put the cats into a middle room she cannot get into when I am at work (I’m 73 but I still work part-time) or out of the house. He wants me to put the dog down. Living like this is crazymaking. I have tried to get her into a sanctuary to no avail. I am considering an electric shock collar because I’m desperate.

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In all actuality, a cat shock collar will give you more problems down the line. Physical punishment will only instill fear in your cats, causing them to act out in other undesirable ways. Use positive reinforcement to train your kitty instead.

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All in all, this shock collar for cats and small dogs seems worth considering as a possibility to help train your pet. There is really no way to know just how both cats will react to the introduction of another variable like a shock collar. (Do they even make them for cats?)

Wales bans electric shock collars for dogs and cats.

The following shock collar is the safest and most effective collar for use on cats, and will come in very handy if it seems that you’ve tried every training method out there with your cat but they’re just not responding to them.

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Cats don’t understand punishment and physical discipline. Using shock collars on cats will only breed confusion for your furry friend and make them more stressed, potentially causing more unwanted behavior.Shock collars for cats are also often used in conjunction with an invisible fence. An invisible fence is a product promoted to allow your cat to roam around in your yard without patrolling the whole neighborhood. However, we don’t recommend using shock collars or invisible fences. Not only can many cats wiggle out of the collars while outside, but using these products can easily can create a complex for your cat.Shock collars for cats are often used as a training aid by uninformed pet parents. Cats are notoriously , especially when it comes to modifying behavior. A cat shock collar is promoted as a way to help make easy for the pet owner.We’ve even heard of people that go the cat shock collar route using shock collars made for dogs on their cats. The voltage on dog shock collars is generally much higher, so placing one of these collars on a cat is very dangerous.