Sep 24, 2013 - Sheba canned cat food is on price cut at Target

“Yes Foof, yes it is!” SHEBA® brand is committed to only using seafood in their , and they even follow the recommendations, so you can eat their delicious cat food guilt free!

Sheba (Premium Cat Food) White Meat & Snapper in Gravy, 680gm ( 85gm X 8 Cans )

I began feeding them the Sheba brand cat food before I read the materials I was sent along with the product. (I know, bad idea.) I didn’t do a gradual transition of their food, and since the cans were smaller (and I didn’t realize more packed with calories), I gave them each a can.

Your fluffy companion deserves fresh-tasting, premium cat food

Sheba (Premium Cat Food) White Meat & Snapper in Gravy, 680gm ( 85gm X 8 Cans ) There are many canned foods out there that can be fed as a once in a while treat, but if you are feeding your cat canned food on a daily basis, get one that doesn't have any by-products in it at all. Unfortunately for Sheba, it doesn't fall into either of the above categories.

It is now available in pull-tab cans instead of plastic trays.

I don’t think we’ve ever fed our cats canned cat food before, until now. We usually buy dry cat food. This time we bought them SHEBA cat food. They LOVED it and gobbled up their SHEBA entrees. You can see from the photos how much they enjoyed their SHEBA meal!

Sheba cat food is made by Mars, Inc., one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world. In January 2011 Mars Petcare US announced that the food would be discontinued due to economic factors. However, Sheba was not long gone from the U.S. market. It is now available in pull-tab cans instead of plastic trays. SHEBA Entrées are made with real beef, poultry, or seafood as the first ingredient. Sheba uses no grains or corn in their cat foods and they use sustainably-sourced fish products.I was sent a two week supply of assorted Sheba canned cat food. There was a mix of premium cuts and premium pate in a wide variety of flavors: Turkey, Chicken, Chicken & Liver, Tuna, Whitefish & Tuna, and more!The food does contain added color, as we mentioned above. It seems that Sheba could leave out this ingredient and no one would miss it. Certainly not your cat. And the food contains natural flavor. Natural flavor is problematic because the FDA considers lots of things “natural” that you and I probably wouldn’t call natural. It can include certain forms of MSG (monosodium glutamate) – a flavor enhancer; or diacetyl, the buttery flavoring used in microwave popcorn. If flavoring in cat food is an important issue for you, for some suggestions.Though at 3 ounces the cans of Sheba cat food are smaller than other brands of wet cat food, each can of Sheba cat food is equal in calories to 1/3 – 1/4 cup of the other brands. So even though it looks like you’re feeding your cat less, you aren’t.