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My cat had a flea after escaping the house for about 9 hours. To save money, I purchased the Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick topical squeeze for cats at the grocery. Within 8 hours he was showing signs of a reaction to the ointment. His right eye began to swell, he kept twitching his head, scratching, unable to sit still, his nose and ears felt feverish. I googled Sergeant’s and found this reaction to be common. I immediately bathed him with Dawn dishwashing liquid, an event in itself. Following the scrub down, I held him wrapped in a towel for about 10 minutes. It’s 1:00 am and I do not have Benadryl on hand. I am going to call my vet in the morning and see if they can give any additional relief and/or suggestions on care and recovery.

Sergeant's Green Natural Flea and Tick Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens.

Sergeant’s Silver® Squeeze-On for Cats 5lbs and over offers three way protection against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. This revolutionary formulation quickly kills fleas and ticks, yet continues to be effective for up to one month for long lasting control. Also, repels mosquitoes including the mosquito that carries West Nile virus.

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Sergeant's Green Natural Flea and Tick Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens Just this last Saturday we got a new puppy named Jack, a Toy Australian Shephard, 4 months old. We gave him a bath two days ago and the poor thing was covered in fleas. With our work schedule we weren’t able to get to the vet for flea meds. So we were at the store and bought the Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-on for dogs. We thought that this would be fine. Thankfully our cats do not have flea problems at all so we never have to worry about them. Well this was, unfortuantly for poor little Jack, a teaching lesson. Not long after applying the medicine he vomitted. At the time I just thought maybe he managed to lick some of the med and got an upset stomach.
Well after going outside a few times and practically mowing the grass, a sign of their tummy being upset, and her drooling and constant gulping and burping, I got online and found many sites about over the counter flea meds. I immediately washed off the medicine right after I found this site. He was so hyper after his bath, like he was excited that it was off him.
I am hoping tomorrow he will be fine, he sleeps with me so I will know if something happens during the night, but if he is still the same way, I will get him to the vet.
I am going to contact this company tomorrow too. I know it probably won’t do anything but I am going to tell the store I bought this from too. I can’t believe that they get away by selling this stuff!

Sergeant's SILVER Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens (5 lbs

I put Sergeant flea tick on our cat after I put it on our dogs (never realizing it was poison for cats) I don’t see well up close so I never seen the tiny spot on the package about cats.I know that its my fault for not seeing the tiny warning but you would think that a large corporation that knows how dangerous their product is would be more conscience and put a warning large enough to get the consumer’s attention so that they would not use it on a cat. The. dog on the front takes up almost thje entire package, so why couldn’t the warning about the cat be as big on the bacbe the same size beside the dog with the line crossing it out so when you looked at it you would know it was BAD? We just used our mortgage payment because we found our cat outside laying next to a rose bush drooling,trembling, barely able to move and hurting. It was the seargents flea and tick squeeze on. We still dont know if he will live yet. But I decided BEFORE I read all the bad comments on here about DOGS that had the same symptoms that I would not use the product anymore on our dogs either. In the past I did notice milder symptoms on our dogs at different times but I never connected the two. My cat was so pitiful to see. I would like to see this product off the market due to its highly toxic and poisonous attributes. Sergeants Corp. Should be held to a stricter set of labeling by the EPA and more people should complain and report any type of poisoning as a result of it’s product.

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