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The compressed catnip Twinkle Egg or Ball is great for your cat because it provides the thrill of the hunt without a mess. This line of toys incorporates the RealMouse® sound with lights, which drives cats wild! The compressed catnip, in addition to the lights and sounds, provides your cat with a full sensory hunting experience.

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Cats love to play. When you give them something interesting to captivate their attention, you may encounter some pretty funny antics. While string and paper are simple cat toys you may have around the house, a that includes visual, smell, and audible sensory options is a fun way to engage your cat. There are hundreds of different fun cat toys on the market to choose, which makes the task of finding the right toy for your cat seem daunting. Researching and obtaining an overview of the different types of cat toys can help you make an informed purchasing decision. Cat toys are available in retail stores as well as online. eBay also offers a selection of cat toys to meet any budget.

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Supplying Mums and dads and schools and Nhs and Charities and more with amazing sensory toys and education supplies. Sound is also important to a blind cat. Noisy toys such as balls with bells in, a noisy paper sack or a scrunched up paper ball will provide stimulation. Many blind cats learn how dribble scrunched paper balls or jingly toys. According to Dean, his 2 year old born-blind domestic longhair can actually locate crumpled paper by listening for it to un-crumple a little and retrieves toys to play with. She also catches flies, runs around the house at speed based on her memory of obstacles, pounces on other cats by listening to their footsteps and uses her very long whiskers and ear hair as sensors, possibly also sensing changes in air pressure with them. She also walks with her tail tip touching the ground as an additional sense organ.

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I love to watch my cats play! They concentrate so intently and throw their entire bodies into the activity so, when I came across the Catit Design Senses toys, I couldn’t wait to have the cats review them! The goal of the Design Senses collection is, “to enrich a cat’s life by stimulating all of his senses.”

TRIXIE Sensory Activity Center for Cats