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Veterinary behaviorists Dr. Benjamin Hart, Dr. Kelly Moffat, Dr. Gary Landsberg and others researched feline cognitive dysfunction and found that Anipryl also helped some cats suffering from feline senility.

A litter box with low sides make going to the bathroom easier for senior cats. Photo Courtesy of Amy Martin

Litter box issues with older cats develop whether your cat learned faithful toilet etiquette as a or developed as an adult. While many senior citizen felines never have problems, it's a good idea to be aware of potential toilet challenges and help your older cat retain "old faithful" status.

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A little extra TLC will go a long way toward keeping your cat healthy and happy in her senior years. They have also designed Senior, Long Haired, and RespiratoryRelief litters, all of which are all natural cat litter options with different benefits. The Senior formula is a bio-degradable veterinary exclusive cat litter, designed with very small particles to help prevent kidney and urinary tract problems. The Long Haired Precious Cat Litter is actually a silica gelbased litter with Cat Attract litter herbs and is designed with the particlesize that longer haired cats prefer, which will not stick to the cat’s fur andwill not cause any discoloration. Respiratory Relief litter comes in either a clayor silica gel form, and helps control respiratory problems in cats due to itslow-dust, hypo-allergenic formula with added natural essences that help toreduce a cat’s stress level.

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As with cats of any age, the first step in managing and resolving house‐soiling behaviors in seniors is to find the root of the behavioral issue. In many cases, litter box aversion is linked to medical issues that may have gone unnoticed by the cat’s guardian. House soiling behavior is often misattributed to the cat trying to “get back at” the owner, but this is actually your senior cat’s calling card for help.

Some cats loose litter box training because they are old (senility)

Experiment with different types of litter(crystal versus clay for example),litter box designs(enclosed versus open or puppy pads versus walled box),and try placing the litter boxin different easily accessible locationswhile paying attention to which boxis used the most frequentlyif you keep more than one litter box available. It is a good idea to have more than one litter boxespecially if there are multiple cats in the household.If you figured that you’ve done enough bonding with your senior cat over her lifetime that your relationship is pretty set now that she’s older, you might want to think again. Older cats have different needs than younger ones do, and as such, it might take a little adjusting on your part to ensure that your connection stays just as strong as it’s always been.Veterinarian and feline house soiling expert Jacqui Neilson ()recommends several diagnostic tests as partof a comprehensive physical examination. But first a complete history is essentialfor proper diagnosis and treatment. Make sure your veterinarian knows the frequencyand pattern of elimination, diet history, etc. in addition to your cat's complete medical history. As the caregiver you are largely responsiblefor providing the veterinarianwith detailed and accurate descriptionsof your cat's behaviors and history. Your veterinarian should also be asking you questionsabout how often you scoop, wash, and replace the litterin the litter box with fresh new litter.Advancing age is not a disease
Aging is a natural process. Although many complex physical changes accompany advancing years, age in and of itself is not a disease. Even though many conditions that affect older cats are not correctable, they can often be controlled. The key to making sure your senior cat has the healthiest and highest quality of life possible is to recognize and reduce factors that may be health risks, detect disease as early as possible, correct or delay the progression of disease, and improve or maintain the health of the body's systems.