Cats can quickly ruin a screen door with their claws

Anyone with a screen door and a cat knows the combination can be trouble. Unless a traditional hinged screen door is kept latched many cats will simply push the door open and be outside before you can turn around. If the screen is latched cats will often climb up the screen damaging the fabric as they go. Plisse retractable screens and cats go together like peanut butter and jelly.

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Each year, more window and door screens are ripped, shredded, bent, and destroyed by furry little family members than you can imagine…and we LOVE IT! Families blessed with pouting little puppies suffering from separation anxiety and cats who like to use screens as their personal climbing walls are some of our best (and most frequent) customers!

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Cats mission - Cat jumps onto screen door for better view

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Cat jumps and climbs screen door

I have 2 indoor cats and several cats in the neighborhood come to my sliding glass door and create big holes in my screen by scratching. I have already replaced my screen once and do not want to do it again. What can I do to deter cats from coming to my back door and scratching big holes?

BeccaAlso, the screen material on a hinged screen door is rigid. It provides a cat with claws the perfect surface to . Eventually the screen rips and tears or large holes open up. Then the bugs come in, and you must replace the whole door.If you have a cat in your home, you are a lucky person. If you have a cat and a screen door in your home, you may not think so. Usually, cats see screen doors as a challenge that must be won. Is a cat-proof retractable screen door even possible?The Plisse screen fabric is pleated and has “give” to it. A cat may try to hook its claws into the screen but it is hard to get a grip. Because the screen is not rigid like a traditional hinged screen door, a cat cannot easily climb it and quickly gives up trying.