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So, let get one thing straight here: is a cat scratching post really necessary? Is it really not one of those fancy money scams that have functional value? With the millions of cat owners using cat scratching posts to address their cat’s murderous scratching urges, one it is for sure: this amazing furniture is doing wonders to your cats and is here to stay! Here are just a few benefits and reasons to get the Best Cat Scratching Post for your cat:

There are horizontal scratchers for carpet-lovers, wedge shaped ramps for cats who scratch low on furniture, and upright posts for cats that like to stretch.

Imagine it from your cat’s point of view. She spends all this time marking the scratching post and then suddenly it’s gone and replaced with one that doesn’t have any of her familiaror marks. Her old scratching post was a comfort to her. In a home with more than one scratching post, certain cats may have claimed specific posts or even specific areas on each post for marking.

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Oct 2, 2016 - This week's topic on Pet Pro with Dr. Keith Schoen is about scratching posts for cats and keeping them engaged. Most posts are made without consideration for why cats scratch and how to provide for those needs. They are made out of the wrong materials and are too short and too unstable. Cats don't want to scratch short, fluffy, wobbly things. They want a strong, rough, and sturdy scratching post. Just like a tree!

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I started making Purrfect Posts in response to the multitude of requests I received from people asking me where to find the right scratching post for their cats.

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The Catframe combines a contemporary wood cat tree, sisal rope scratching posts, cubby holes, soft pads for kneading and sleeping, and last but certainly not least – storage for all kitties toys and treats. - #CatsFor example, cats who like to spend time outdoors are more likely to scratch on a post made of wood. It’s because they usually scratch on trees or fence posts.Every Cat or Kitten needs a heavy duty scratching post or cat tree! Molly and Friends small cat furniture and cat scratchers are ideal for an apartment or home with limited space. They are also popular for older cats. Scratching posts are popular among cat owners and provide cats with a way to scratch without damaging furniture, curtains or other household decor. All Molly and Friends Furniture comes in a variety of carpeted or siseled shapes, sizes and colors! Mix and match to fit your decor or go with our wide selection of neutral tones.
Click to view our product catalog.The most common type of post consists of a wooden post, roughly 60–90 cm (24–36 inches) tall, covered in rough fabric or . The post is mounted vertically in a wide base, which allows the cat to stretch upward on its rear legs and scratch freely without tipping it over. A post that is unstable or does not allow a cat to fully extend its body might put off the cat from using it. Surfaces vary: the post may be covered in sisal rope, upholstery fabric, or the backing of a piece of . Many pet owners say they have to experiment with different surfaces to find one that their cats will scratch reliably. Experts[] say that cats generally prefer sisal or corrugated cardboard surfaces. Other kinds of scratching posts are more elaborate, with several levels of horizontal platforms for climbing and cozy cave-like areas where cats may hide. Very tall ones are often called "." These may have a vertical tension rod that extends to the ceiling to provide extra stability.