But, cats want and need to scratch

I really wonder if the claim that the curvature and it’s unique design make it more like able to cats is true. My cat absolutely loved scratching our couch. And it was this exact one spot on the couch, even though the rest of the couch was the same material. We got him a scratching board, but he used it just a few times before losing interest and going back to the couch. We then tried rubbing catnip onto the scratching board we bought him, and he still scratched the couch! Even when we sprayed his favorite spot with vinegar and other things to make him not like it, he still scratched the couch. So I guess my point is, I wonder if this would have worked in my stubborn cat, or if some cats just never give up on doing what they want to do and a product like Forever Emery would be pointless.

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Another material of choice is corrugated cardboard. Economical cardboard posts are easy to replace and appeal to many cats. Usually they lie flat on the floor and may come with a toy attached to entice kitty to scratch at them. Since many cats enjoy cardboard posts and they’re often quite inexpensive, first-time cat owners often start with this option before graduating to more elaborate and pricey cat furniture.

So, I make mine their own scratching boards

This Imperial Cat Posh Recycled Paper Cat Scratching Board is created to offer your cats a comfortable surface to claw and scratch IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT NEW FURNITURE ARRIVING - While a cat is learning not to scratch your new piece of furniture, cover it while you aren't home while providing a sturdy post or cardboard pad nearby so kitty knows where to go to scratch - and praise her when you see her scratching the right place! There are also repellents (cats do not like citrus or orange smells) available to spray on the object that you don't want kitty to scratch. Cats are highly intelligent animals that can easily be trained with some time and effort. Cats respond to voice commands so make sure to praise a cat with positive reinforcement & yummy treats or cat nip when she scratches in the right place. Don't forget about extra nail trimmings or Soft Paws when new furniture arrives and spray some pheromone spray to reduce territorial scratching around the new furniture every other day.

DIY Sisal Cat Scratching Board | Modern Cat magazine

For cats who like to scratch horizontally, there are inexpensive corrugated cardboard scratching pads available at your local pet product store.

Sisal Cat Scratching Board | Sisal Rugs Direct