Cats come in a variety of sizes, and so do scratching posts

If you're concerned about your cat scratching household furniture, this is the climber for you. This cat tower features four large scratch posts (3 cedar, 1 sisal) to satisfy all your cat's scratching urges and lend durable support. It is designed with four levels and three carpeted landings…

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Cats come in a variety of sizes, and so do scratching posts. If you have a small kitten, a large post can be too big and uncomfortable for him to scratch. Similarly, if the post is too small, your cat won't be able to stretch out while he scratches and may end up not scratching the post at all. Pay attention to how your cat moves and stretches and look for a post tall enough to accommodate his length when he's stretched out.

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This square scratch post was made in two heights both standing on a large square base that prevents tipping over. The post is wrapped in strong jute rope which is good for scratching and sharpening of kitties’ claws. It can be used by cats of any size and age and will save your furniture from scratching and clawing. The post is great value for the money and is very easy to set up.

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Here at this website, we have reviewed many various kinds of scratching posts to help protect your own lovely furniture. We want to show you also cat trees and cat condos that will energise and stimulate your cat. Find traditional and fashionable cat furniture designs perfect for large and small cats. To minimize the chance of your cat getting to be bored, check out some of the best cat tree reviews and best scratching post reviews on this website and see how providing cat furniture such as cat climbing trees and condos will not only entertain your cat all day, but will also give them a safe and sound place to rest and sleep. Cats love to scratch, hide, perch and observe the world from safe vantage points. Can there be more fun for our beloved furkids than a miniature cat house complete with a number of shelves and scratching posts? Browse my selection of cat condos for large cats and choose something suitable for your fluffy friend.