Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Feline Stress Dry Cat Food

My cat of 2 years old recently got crystals in his urine and had to get unblocked, so the vet told me to only feed him the Feline CD food to help prevent this from happening again. Anyway, my cat would vomit violently after even eating a few bites of the dry food. Then I tried the wet food, same thing. This went on for a few days and I finally switched him back to his old Blue Buffalo and like magic, he stopped vomiting. I've ordered the prescription formula dry food from another company and will see what happens, but in this case it was clearly the food! Either Hills Science is toxic garbage, or he's allergic to something in it, but my story sounds very similar to what others are writing here! I will NEVER use Science Diet again.

He hates the dry science diet prescription c/d but the cats both love this food

I have two cats that are on Science Diet Cd cat food. It is expensive, but it has helped. One cat is a female15 years old and the other is a male cat that is12 years old. I am looking for an alternative cat food that is cheaper and I can get easier. Any recommendations?

Good alternatives to Feline C/D

Had been feeding my cat the Hills science diet CD food, the bag I bought in early May After several years on this food, we decided to give them a break from it (not to mention the expense from our bank account). We tried some other foods for about 6 months or so, such as Blue. They all were fine, but the waste had increased. It was all solid waste, but nonetheless, we had to scoop more than once a day. After about 6 months, we decided to go back to the Hill's Science Diet C/D dry cat food again. We noticed about 2 weeks or so after having them back on it that out of nine cats not one of them produced a solid bowel movement.

No other -non prescription commercial-diet does this for her

Several years ago I put all of our cats on the Hill's Science Diet C/D dry cat food after one cat developed a urinary blockage (We switched to regular clay litter from clumping too since our vet said some male cats can develop urinary blockages from the gel used in clumping litter...they ingest the dust when they groom themselves). We have always had issues with them throwing up this food, but we attributed that to maybe gorging themselves when they ate... We just weren't sure. The number one reason we liked this food is that there was always very little waste in the litter pan, which was nice.

:P I had no idea that you could by CD without a prescription.