Sandicast: Capturing the Spirit of the Animal Kingdom

Sandicast Original Size Irish Setter Sculpture, Sitting by Sandicast. $39.52. Original size sculpture measures 7 by 5 by 8-inches; beautifully conceived and meticulously crafted. Sandicast invites you to discover their world-renowned collection of finely sculpted dogs, cats, wolves and exotic animals available on amazon. Designed by world-renowned animal sculpture artist sandra brue; animals are available in several sizes and a variety of sizes and poses. Every Sandicast scu...

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Animal Figurines by Country Artists are created in sculptor's resin with the finest in details and hand painted with the finest oil-based paints. We also feature WhimsiClay cats, Kitty's Critters, whimsical resin Critters by artist Kitty Cantrell, Heart of Christmas mice figurines, A Breed Apart Cats and Dogs, Sandicast Cats and Dogs, Pot Belly Miniature Boxes, wooden cat and dog clocks.

Sandicast, Capturing the Spirit of the Animal Kingdom

Sandicast Yawning Cat Figurine | Shops, Cats and Etsy shop - Pinterest History: My mother had two cats, a Siamese and a yellow Manx. The Siamese disappeared and both my Mother and the other cat were really devastated. I found this little Siamese at a shop in Leavenworth WA and brought it to my Mother's house. This was so realistic that the yellow cat hissed at it for about an hour, then slowly crept up and tried to sniff the back end of the Sandicast cat. Amazing to both my mother and me that the Manx thought this was a living cat.

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Sandicast offers a wonderful selection of dogs, cats, and a variety of wildlife sculptures - especially wolves. All are hand-cast, hand-painted, and are a must have for animal lovers.Sandicast captures the spirit of man’s best friend like no other company. Our sculptors create the most realistic sculptures by finding poses and expressions that cause dog lovers to exclaim,"That's My Dog!" Internationally renowned San Diego artist Sandra Brue has been bringing sculptures to life for over 25 years. She founded Sandicast in 1981 and it was a success right from the start. Her hand-cast, hand-painted animal replicas became famous for their stunning realism and incredible attention to detail. Purebred dogs, cats, wolves and wildlife are all part of her extensive collection. Queen Elizabeth and President Clinton are just a few of the many celebrities that have Sandicast animals. In 2005, the Neufeld family acquired Sandicast, allowing Sandy more time to devote to her philanthropic endeavors.Sandicast, under the guidance of the Neufeld family, has a continuing commitment to both the quality of our sculptures and service to our customers.

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