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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dental Formula Dry Cat Food is: * Helps to reduce dental tartar (calculus) formation* Texture and shape of kibble produces a gentle abrasive effect on the teeth during chewing* Optimal blend of soluble and insoluble fibers to help minimize hairballs* Enriched with…

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If negative stars were allowed this food would get a Negative 10! My male cat has crystals in his urine so the associate vet recommended I try a small bag of the dry cat food to balance him out and help prevent him from having this issue. I wasn't sure how he was going to take it so I mixed it with his other food and only gave it to him over two meals. His sister, who never really enjoys her food but eats, kept trying to steal his Royal Canin. I thought it was cute because she's never that interested in food so I let her try some.

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Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Aging 12+ Joint Health Canned Cat Food After only two meals of this stuff, my male cat became so constipated he needed an enema and supplements to regulate him. My female almost ended up in the hospital with IVs. She stopped eating for four days, had large amounts of blood coating her stool, then two days later had severe bloody diarrhea plus vomiting. I had to put her on 4 medications plus force feed her baby food before she even started to eat again. I placed a call and this food is "under investigation" but the tech sounded pretty defensive, giving the same excuses I see on their Facebook page. After reading the hundreds of complaints on here, if Royal Canin doesn't recall their food I suggest we put together a lawsuit. I have also contacted my local news outlet to suggest an investigative report be done on this company.

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Please if your vet recommends Royal Canin, know that it is just for the money. A true diet for cats, and dogs too, is not animal by-products with a bunch of crappy gluten rice fillers. Working in the pet food industry has opened my eyes and realizing all of the better brands out there. Please do not feed your cats and dogs this brand, it is just a money making company and they do not care for your pet's well-being.

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Contacted Royal Canin, and the company was totally nonchalant about it. They did NOTHING to remedy the situation. I gave them all the pertinent info re: case, batch number, etc. They didn't even offer to replace the case, which I spent $75 bucks on, at $3 per can!!! Unreal. Oh, and my cat started puking the week I found the moldy can. Coincidence? Perhaps, but still very disconcerting. My cat's already sick, don't need to add infected food to the mix. :( I'm going to start looking for another brand to feed her.My female miniature poodle had bladder stones removed surgically and was put on a diet of Hill's multipurpose C/D. I started feeding it to my Yorkie and he was eating it but the kernels were large and I thought I would try the Royal Canin. They did not have the small dog so I fed him the large regular SO. He started vomiting and getting loose stool. I took it back to the vet and they ordered the small bite. While I was waving for the small bite to come in I switched to Hill's again with no problem. I picked up the small bite when it came in and the Yorkie got loose stool then diarrhea and vomiting. Last night I took him to emergency because of black stool. He was diagnosed with blood in his urinary tract. There was no signs of parasites and they did blood work which looked normal. The vet put him on special medication for a week. I suspect that the food has caused the problem and after spending $240 I am taking the food back to the vet.