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Yesterday I bought the Royal Canin cat food for sterilised cats made in Poland. My cat has been throwing up all over our place after eating it. Food poisoning I suspect as I read many reviews from professional breeders who have even lost some of their little ones due to food poisoning from this pet food.

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My cat Simba has food allergies that cause him to have some major health issues. Not only does this food help minimize his outbreaks but he and my other cat absolutely love the taste. If you have a cat with food allergies who is also super finicky this is the product for you, them beg for it and rub their face against the can it is so cute. I have never seen them like a food so much usually they just turn up their nose and walk away. Additionally, their coats are super shiny since we switched to Selected Protien PR over a year ago. Thanks Royal Canin for balancing good taste with healthy food! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet ® Feline Urinary SO ® canned cat food Reviews - page 5 I don't normally write reviews about businesses or products, but this food has caused so much stress and money in my household. I have a 6 year old cat and decided to get him a buddy - a 3 month old kitten. I thought it was going to be a nightmare to introduce the two, however, they became friends right off the bat. The REAL problem was the food I just had recently bought for the kitten - "Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Food". Soon after having this food he started having bloody diarrhea. 3 days of mucus and blood and diarrhea, I had enough and brought the little guy to the vet.

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My cat was losing weight but very energetic and had his usual personality. The vet check up determined he had kidney issues. We went home and he seemed fine until about 2 days after he started the Royal Canin the vet sold us. Within 2 days he became bloated and lethargic. His personality totally changed and he looked like he was in total misery. I could not understand how quickly this happened nor why. This morning (three weeks into the food) he could not walk. I had not read reviews on the food until now but have immediately switched him back to his normal Blue Buffalo. Very concerned and wish I had read these reviews before putting him on the food.

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