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DIY tutorial for making corrugated cat scratching toys. Love that idea - I can recycle some cardboard boxes I have in the garage and make my cats happy (and keep them happy for longer), all while saving the cost of having to buy refills. Win-win all the way around.

4CLAWS Round Scratching Bed 14" (with Refill) - DELUXE Collection Cat Scratcher

Cat furniture can also include scratchers! Why does your favorite feline scratch? Cats scratch for several reasons, sometimes to mark territory or relieve stress, and sometimes as a matter of grooming and keeping uncomfortable skin off their claws. Cat scratching posts can help keep your feline from clawing on expensive furniture or curtains and give them a spot to call their own. Many cat trees and towers come equipped with a scratching area for them to work their claws. They’re also available separately for owners who prefer to buy a standalone cat scratching post or several to space around their home.

Grreat Choice® Cat Scratcher Refills

4CLAWS Round Scratching Bed 14 Traditional scratching posts have a base and a round or square post. More and more shapes are available, and your cat may prefer one over the other. Watch if your cat stretches reaching upward or if he stretches out and scratches the carpet to determine the best shape for him.

4CLAWS Round Scratching Bed 14" (with Refill) - DELUXE ..

Another beautiful cardboard scratcher from the folks at also looks like a piece of modern sculpture. The rounded surface is very attractive to cats, who can really dig in on all sides. The pine frame holds the cardboard pieces and can be refilled as needed. $53.

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