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What is Revolution® (selamectin)?

A: Revolution is the first-ever FDA-approved, topically applied medication for cats that:

Revolution® is the first FDA-approved, topical parasite control product of its kind for cats

Revolution Flea Control is a once-a-month topical application for dogs and cats. Application is quick and easy and the product should only be applied to a dry animal. The product is water-proof after 2 hours so normal bathing, swimming etc. can continue.

REVOLUTION® (selamectin) provides that help

Revolution for Cats - A monthly topical heartworm and flea prevention for cats Revolution (selamectin) Topical Parasiticide is available as a colorless to yellow, ready to use solution in single dose tubes for topical (dermal) treatment of dogs six weeks of age and older and cats eight weeks of age and older. The content of each tube is formulated to provide a minimum of 2.7 mg/lb (6 mg/kg) of body weight of selamectin. The chemical composition of selamectin is (5Z,25S)-25-cyclohexyl-4'-de(2,6-dideoxy-3-methyl-α-L--hexopyranosyl)-5-demethoxy-25-de(1-methylpropyl)-22,23-dihydro-5-hydroxyiminoavermectin A.

Flea Treatment for Cats, Feline Parasite Protection - REVOLUTION

Revolution topical solution may be safely administered to heartworm infected dogs and cats, however, it is recommended, in accordance with good veterinary practice, that all dogs ≥ 6 months of age be tested for existing heartworm infections before beginning medication with Revolution topical solution. Cats ≥ 6 months of age in heartworm endemic areas may also be tested to determine the presence of existing heartworm infections before beginning medication with Revolution topical solution. Revolution topical solution is not effective against adult however it may decrease the number of circulating microfilariae.

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Revolution is a safe and simple monthly topical medication used to protect your pet from heartworms, fleas, and ear mites. It also protects dogs from ticks and sarcoptic mange and cats from roundworms and hookworms. Revolution for Dogs and Cats requires a prescription from your veterinarian. (3 Pack = 3 doses which lasts 3 months.)Revolution for Cats is a convenient, monthly, topical (spot-on) treatment for heartworm, fleas, ear mites and intestinal worms, which takes all the difficulty and fuss out of giving your cat complete parasite protection. Revolution for Cats is waterfast within 2 hours of application, and has an excellent safety profile, being approved for use from just six weeks of age.