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The only issue I had with WBCL was 2 of my cats decided to stop using that litter box. WBCL does recommend that for cats who have problems with abrupt changes to start by changing just 1/3 of the litter in the box to WBCL, then go to 2/3rds then the whole box. I did a sudden switch for the sake of the review and because I really didn’t expect a problem with my crew as I never had one before. Now I know that I’ll need to do a slow change. Because of the 2 cats not using the box, I couldn’t compare litter tracking between the WBCL and my regular litter. I do know that the outside of the box mess I usually cause trying to dig through the box was much less because of how light the WBCL is.

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This is a listing of all World’s Best Cat Litters that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best World’s Best Cat Litters with our internal ranking system. World’s Best Cat Litter obviously has a very unique name that makes a very demonstrative statement. While defining what the best cat litter in the world is might be quite difficult, they definitely do offer some pretty good competition. They believe their edge comes from their patented process that compresses naturally absorbent corn into concentrated granules that give it a significant odor trapping edge while also forming great clumps. Either special features such as being lightweight, flushable, etc. only add to their arsenal of justifications for why they are the best. Their selection is actually somewhat small, however, with only 6 litters being produced, all of which are based around their corn with individual products including other materials such as pine. We welcome you to try some of their products out and see if they are, in fact, the best cat litters in the world!

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Click to view the huge list of all the cat litter companies we have reviewed Clumping ability is an overall metric on how well a litter will absorb and contain moisture both from feces as well as urine in the form of “clumps” or hardened masses of litter. While this might seem like a novel concept, there are many variables at play here. Some clumps might stay hard for short periods of time and then easily fall apart. Some might clump but stay relatively soft and sensitive to movement. Some clumps might take hours to fully harden while others may only take moments. Some litters may have no issue dealing with feces but struggle greatly with absorbing moisture from urine. Considering all of these and many other metrics, we have come up with an overall clumping ability rating for each litter we review. In the case where a litter being reviewed is a non-clumping type, we simply ignore this rating so that it doesn’t help or hurt the overall rating of the cat litter.

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Not only for being able to wait really long periods of time before having to dump out the entirety of the cat litter and starting the cat litter fresh from scratch, but because, honestly, if my cat decides to pee 2-3 times while I’m out (unlikely, but he has done two pees in a row before; guess he didn’t know he wasn’t done), I want him to be able to find a clean spot to do it in, and that’s not so easy if the previous pees didn’t clump nicely.

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