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Thanks for the great review, I am wondering if there is a catgenie coupon or discount?

I am considering the cat genie, but am worried about having to clean it when it gets clogged. How difficult it is to clean the impeller to prevent the unit from clogging? Is there a video showing this? We have three cats, of which one ragdoll (long hair!) and one with somewhat loose poo. Is this one out of the question for us then? And how disgusting it is to clean the unit if/when it gets clogged? I have read some really bad reviews on Amazon and have been put off a little…Many thanks for any input !!

All is well with the Cat Genie after 9 months

toast and I will have a . It seems most of the reviews I have read for it are from former Catgenie This is just an incredible review. The details you go into and the photos and the affects on your 3 cats are just beyond great. I am so glad I found your site !!! I have a 18lb. female cat I found at the shelter. Yes, my vet said to try to get her to lose a couple of pounds. I know more about dogs than cats. The Catgenie seems as though the bowl might be too small for my cat. I think since the scooper hand is detachable, the manufacturer could make one with slightly smaller holes, or have the granules a bit bigger. Since I am not an expert on cats, why do most manufacturers not include a grated incline for the cat to walk into the litter boxes instead of having to jump in there? The grated incline could just connect up to the cat litter box and the extra “litter” could fall inside of the incline. Then the extra litter could be dumped back into the “box”. Anyway, you did a A+ on this review. They should buy you an endless amount of sanitizing solution for all your information.

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Thank you for the site and such a complete review of the Cat Genie. I purchased one about 6 months ago, after talking to my brother, and him telling me how much he loved his. I have run into most of the same issues as others, clogs here and there, smell, granules all over the house, and of course the POWER CONSUMPTION. I broke it down, and seems it increased my electric bill by about $10-$15 per month over the previous year. That with the cartridge I replaced after 4 months, I figure I break even, but I don’t have to clean the litter box anymore. So WELL worth it!

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