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Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Minnesota is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned cattle dogs, primarily from high-kill shelters ALL AROUND THE COUNTRY! By working with committed volunteers, foster homes, and local veterinarians - we save dogs! Help us provide them with loving temporary care, and find them well-matched, carefully screened forever homes. Heal a Heeler, save a life.

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois Post Office Box 53 Texico, Illinois 62889

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AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Ohio posts its pets on Petfinder at The Australian Cattle Dog has become quite popular in recent years. They are also known by many other names: Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Queensland Heeler, Cattle Dog or simply Heeler. ALL of these names refer to one breed: the Australian Cattle Dog. Their intelligence, versatility and durability all lend to their popularity in several different positions, whether as a family companion to canine sports to professional jobs such as search and rescue and service dogs. The Australian Cattle Dog has truly made a name for itself in the last decade.

Road Warrior Australian Cattle Dog Rescue

Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and ultimately re-home abandoned, stray and neglected Australian Cattle Dogs throughout the state of Arizona. Whenever possible, we also assist ACDs who because of extenuating circumstances are unable to remain in their homes with their owners.

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We are a privately run rescue group dedicated to saving Australian Cattle Dogs and mixes of Australian Cattle Dogs from euthanasia in animal control facilities in Indiana and bordering states. Also in certain instances we will take owner surrenders. Once in our care, we fully vet and temperament test all animals before adopting them out. Once they are ready to be adopted, we look for forever homes for our beautiful ACDs, trying our best to match individual adopters with the right ACD for them. Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois/Sue Christianson is licensed by the IL Dept Of AG. The rescue and receiving center is in Texico, IL (Southern IL. ), We are a 501(c)(3), non-profit, rescue organization, based in Georgetown, Tennessee. Contributions are tax deductible. We focus on rescuing stray, abandoned, and unwanted Australian Cattle Dogs. We primarily rescue from municipal and county shelters in Tennessee, and bordering states. Most of these dogs were picked up as strays; some were surrendered to shelters by their former owners; all were at risk of being euthanized before coming to us. We do not operate a shelter. The dogs in our rescue are in foster homes where they interact with humans and other dogs. By using a foster home environment we are able to evaluate these dogs for temperament, and provide basic obedience and crate training.My current ACD, named BlueRose Jessie, CGC, is a red heeler rescue from Georgia. I realized with Jessie that there was a real need for ACD rescue, so here we are, doing our part to help homeless heelers. AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is kind of a tribute to my girl, Carrie Blue. My husband Mark, is my support person, without his support, it would never work. Most dogs are good dogs, and we wonder why they were ever given up or lost. I just can't explain it and most can't understand my passion, but these dogs deserve a second chance. We have made the move to Remus, MI, the dogs are just LOVING the country life. We are working on constructing kennels / buildings and large exercise runs to be able to expand the rescue efforts. AuCaDo Rescue Mid-Michigan (only) is an official 501(c)(3). Hurray!