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A hairball remedy for your cat could be no further away than your kitchen. There's no need to spend money on commercial hairball care products; try one of these natural options for preventative care and treatment.

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We have seen and heard over and over all the benefits of coconut oil in our diets and on for our skin. All of the health benefits for humans can also be received by cats and dogs. There are many uses both internally and topically for our pets. Coconut oil as a hairball remedy is my new favorite use.

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BTW, I like the Hartz Hairball Remedy Soft Chews for my 9 year old mamacat’s chronic constipation, they are innocuous AND they work! Please consult with your veterinarian to verify a hairball diagnosis and before making changes to your cat’s diet (including the addition of natural supplements). Herbs should be used with extreme caution in cats. We do NOT recommend petroleum jelly or mineral oil for the treatment of hairballs.

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Just a few minutes a day spent brushing or combing your cat to remove dead, loose hair from her coat will mean fewer hairs swallowed, and fewer hairballs for both of you to deal with. This is especially true if your kitty has long hair, and during shedding season when the weather begins to warm up.

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Every time cats groom, they swallow stray and loose hair into their stomach, forming a wad. If they swallow too much hair at once, clogging the digestive system, it could cause the cat to lose appetite, form blockages which can cause constipation or choking. Most of the hairballs accumulated in the stomach are eventually ejected from the body through regurgitation. However, if the hairballs are too large to pass, it may require medical procedures to surgically remove the hair wad. What can we do to help our cats get rid of hairballs?Hairballs can cause blockages in the throat, stomach or intestines, so finding an appropriate remedy for your cats can help them relieve their discomfort and prevent hairball related health issues.You do not really need to do anything if your cat coughs up a hairball most of the time. Hairballs that are stuck in their body, are the ones that could cause health issues. There are commercial remedies that we can use to make the passage a lot smoother and easier for the cats:There are a number of hairball remedies marketed to help control hairballs. Most of these are petroleum based and work by trying to lubricate the hairball, making it more likely to be passed normally through the intestinal tract. These may be effective for some cats but are not effective in all cases. Some veterinarians, however, believe that these remedies can actually be harmful and have no place in the treatment or prevention of hairballs. Discuss your cat’s situation with your own veterinarian before you begin administering any of these products.