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If you feed your cat raw food, glass containers can also be used to rotate portions from the freezer through refrigerator for thawing. With raw food it's super important to use it within 2-3 days of thawing, so when I've fed it to my cat in the past I've used masking tape to write the date I pulled a portion from the freezer on the container.

If moist or canned cat food has been refrigerated, warm to body temperature before feeding

Thanks. We agree, that is a major drawback of automatic cat feeders. There are though, some varieties which are intended for wet food, which contain several refrigerated containers, which open at a preset time. We haven’t tried them, though.

I'll look for S&C next time I'm at the high end pet food store

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It features a removable lid that makes cleaning a breeze

The sealed food keeps canned food fresh longer, which allows cats to eat multiple small meals throughout the day, the way cats in the wild would. The feeder is not refrigerated, so I don’t recommend using it for raw food, but canned food can be safely left out for several hours.

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Luckily, wet food refrigerated can help you solve all of these problems! Here we recommend two types of automatic cat feeder which will satisfy even the best choosy customers: Automatic Pet Feeder Dog Cat Feeder Bowl with Ice Pack 1-Meal Multicolor Arbitrary Combination from WOpet and C20 2 Bowl 48 Pet Feeder w/1 Ice Pack from Cat Mate Our and products are ready to serve right from the can, but can be warmed slightly if that is what your dog/cat prefers. Do not heat the food in the can. We suggest you transfer it to a microwave safe bowl or dish for heating in the microwave or a pan for gentle heating on the stove. Do not overheat/overcook and feed a hot food to your dog or cat – always try to bring it back to room temperature before serving. Please refrigerate any unused/unheated portions in an airtight container.