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But the advantages of a collar far outweigh the risks, especially a reflective one, or one with relective bits, in my opinion. Especially because one of our cats is jet black, at night time she is pretty much invisible. The other one is white and it's not such an issue, because in car headlights he looks like a spook.

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Okay, so you know that cat collars are a simplified way to dictate ownership and who the cat belongs to. They are also a great way to help spot your cat (with options like reflective collars so they can easily be sen in dark situations or dangerous areas). Cat collars are also a great way to personalize or "dress" your cat up, without having to put any clothing on them. But, you are considering whether or not you should purchase a cat collar for your cat.

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Rogz Catz AlleyCat Small 1/8" Breakaway Reflective Cat Collar, Black Reflective well-wreapped Kitten collars keep your cat safe, and help reflect your fabulous feline’s personal style. Collars with identification tags are your purring pet’s quickest way back to you should she wander too far away from home. Fewer than two percent of lost cats are ever returned to their pet parents. Increase your cat’s chances of coming home with a cat collar. Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat, a cat collar and identification tag are vital for her return. If you want your pretty kitty to look stylish, consider a Red Dingo Cat Collar. The adorable fish-shaped release clip is a great safety feature. The safety release fish clip breaks free if your cat is hooked on a tree branch, caught on a window latch or snagged on a fence. Your curious cat can wander into a dangerous situation, but this safety feature will keep her safe. The wildlife safety bell warns birds and small animals that your cat is coming. For a reflective cat collar consider the Red Dingo Reflective Cat Collar in Red, Green, Purple, Blue and Orange to keep your cat safe when the sun goes down. Red Dingo Cat Collars are made with quality nylon webbing and abrasion resistant ribbon. These cat collars are equipped with a stainless steel K-ring for easy ID tag attachment. Keep your purring pet safe with stylish and fun cat collars from Red Dingo and Chewy.

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The Good2Go Reflective Arrow Cat Collar features a minimal yet eye-catching pattern that's designed to help your feline stand out during low-visibility weather or out at night.

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Personalized Reflective Safety CAT collars:
Bright reflective collars just for cats! Personalized with your cat’s name & phone number – embroidered into the collar so the information cannot fall off!
– collar has 1/2″ wide 3M reflective material sewn onto the nylon
– collar reflects bright white for increased safety and visibility of your catAnother important feature in the best cat collar for outdoor cats is a reflective band. This can help let traffic know when he’s crossing the street and help you find him in the dark. You can find collars with lights too (they’re mainly for dogs but ).Definitely do not put two collars on your cat at the same time! A reflective collar is a nice idea but don't rely on it to keep your cat safe at night, my cat was hit by a car on a winter evening while wearing one. The only way ensuring they are safe at night is to keep them in.:)The Buddy Cat Reflective Full Stretch Cat Collar features elastic construction that is both stretchable and visible to enhance your cat's safety during both day and night. Includes fully adjustable length for your cat's comfort and a breakaway safety buckle in the case of a snag.