Reflective cat collars are available in one size.

Choosing the right collar for your feline friend can be a hard decision based on design, fit, and comfort, not to mention that cats are notoriously fickle. We understand that the inquisitive and playful personalities of most kittens and cats call for products to be designed with quality and safety first. have collars for every cat personality including leather, reflective, premium nylon and fashionable collars. More information about our cat collars are as follows:

on sale Rogz Catz AlleyCat Small 1/8" Breakaway Reflective Cat Collar, Black Reflective

Whether you're searching for a designer cat harness or reflective cat collar, Red Dingo's got plenty of styles to choose from. The Classics line includes tried-and-true everyday collars, harnesses and leads in a variety of colors. Harnesses and collars are also available in stylish patterns, including Snake Eyes, Circadelic and Cosmos. For increased nighttime visibility and safety, the reflective collars make your cat stand out with a repeated fish design that reflects light.

#3937 Reflective Fish Cat Collar

Rogz Catz AlleyCat Small 1/8" Breakaway Reflective Cat Collar, Black Reflective well-wreapped Buddy Cat Reflective Full Stretch Cat Collars combine the best of all worlds. A durable stretch nylon embedded with reflective flecks for kitty’s safety and a breakaway buckle. And don’t forget the matching bell!

They fit neck sizes 8-12 inches and come in a choice of 5 bold colors – Black, Purple, Green, Blue, and Red.

Reflective cat collars are available in one size.

It's not enough these days to just have a pretty, personalized cat collar: safety is paramount for our lovable fluff-balls and we must do the best we can to protect them. Not only are our Rogz NightCat collars funky and fun in a variety of purrfect patterns for your kitty, but they are reflective - making sure that your cat is seen clearly at night - and not

#3931 3/8" Reflective Cat Collar

Another important feature in the best cat collar for outdoor cats is a reflective band. This can help let traffic know when he’s crossing the street and help you find him in the dark. You can find collars with lights too (they’re mainly for dogs but ).Similarly to the buckle collar, the name of this collar tells you exactly what it does/ how it looks. These cat collars are bright and reflective in nature. So when light shines off of them, they can easily be seen by oncoming traffic or can be seen in extremely dark situations where you would otherwise never find your cat. Okay, so you know that cat collars are a simplified way to dictate ownership and who the cat belongs to. They are also a great way to help spot your cat (with options like reflective collars so they can easily be sen in dark situations or dangerous areas). Cat collars are also a great way to personalize or "dress" your cat up, without having to put any clothing on them. But, you are considering whether or not you should purchase a cat collar for your cat. Definitely do not put two collars on your cat at the same time! A reflective collar is a nice idea but don't rely on it to keep your cat safe at night, my cat was hit by a car on a winter evening while wearing one. The only way ensuring they are safe at night is to keep them in.:)